Three's A Crowd
Three's A Crowd
Arc: None
Summary: A patrol from the Majestic finds a fight already in progress
Date: 2658.219
Related Logs: None
Participants: Cole Victoria Kanani

Out in the black emptiness of Nexus today, a trio of fighters make their way along through space… a rather mismatched lot, one Bomber, one Light Fighter, and one Medium Fighter. Apparently, someone from command decided to be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, what that really means is that the patrol has been going about its work extra-slowly thanks to the broadsword, and is only just now drawing close to the last point in their patrol…

« Alright, coming up on nav four. Hope that nobody's fallen asleep over there » Cole comments with a little chuckle. At least he acknowledges his bomber's own shortcomings, right.

«Hey, keep it down a bit, lead! Some of us are trying to nap here.» Kanani remarks with a chuckle as her fighter slowly flies in formation with the other two craft. Though despite her words, it doesn't sound like she's actually been napping.

« And folks used to call my scimitar slow. Well, okay, it was, but not this slow. » Tori says, at least proving she's awake. It's tempting to fly circles around the broadsword, just to stay awake, but she's so far refrained. So far. « And sorry, Tsunami, didn't mean to keep you awake. » There's good humour in her voice, pretty alert and ready for anything. At least she hopes.

« Trust me, Tsunami, we know. We could hear the snoring from here » Cole replies with a little chuckle. « And nobody will be happier when they're not sticking broadswords on patrol duty than I will, trust me » he adds, grinning under his helmet as all the while the three fighters lumber on towards their destination.

Kanani snorts and shakes her head before answering. «That's not possible, sir. I know for a fact that I don't snore.» Her fighter continues on, hardly even moving compared to the speeds it's meant to travel at. «I really hope they don't have to many more 'great' ideas for patrol makeup, like this one though.»

Tori grins as she listens to the banter, though doesn't add much to the conversation. Course, she's going very slowly as well, all things considered. « It's definitely interesting, for sure. I mean, we've been known to escort the bumblebees before, but this is a little odd. C'mon, Voodoo, can't you squeeze some speed out of that thing? » She isn't exactly serious, but more than willing to tease the major.

« Yeah, hang on a second. I'll have my gunners get out and push » Cole jokes in response, even though by now he sounds a little distracted… looking down at the readout on his nav computer as it counts down to zero. « And, there's the last point hit. Let's bring 'em back home. Another fun and exciting tour of empty space »

Kanani frowns slightly as she checks over her scanner as they reach the waypoint. «Lead, Tsunami. I'm picking up a few contacts just on the edge of what my sensors can hit. Looks like some fighters, by their size.» She remarks as she double checks her readings from the scanner.

Tori grins at Cole's words, taking one more look at her sensors, to be thorough. She frowns a bit though, her face getting a very thoughtful look on it. « Uhm, Lead? There's something out there. Barely picking it up on my sensors, and I couldn't tell you what it is, but this /is/ supposed to be empty space, and it's not. » A pause. « Unless it's a sensor blip or something? Should we go a little closer and verify? » Tori is actually ready to do just that, but she doesn't change direction or break formation without instructions. Given she's not the ranking officer on this little shindig. Of course, her words are just about the same time as Kanani's, which has Tori straighten up a bit. « I guess that would be a yes? »

« Yeah, let's check it out and see what we've got » Cole replies. « Kittens have to be out here somewhere, after all » he adds. « I still don't have 'em on my screen just yet. Queen, take the lead and take us along over that way. Just try not to leave me behind, will ya? »

Kanani hmms a bit as Tori adds her report of a sensor contact as well. She waits for Tori to take the lead, as ordered, and moves her fighter into formation with the Rapier.

« Roger, » Tori says, speeding up a bit to take the lead position. She doesn't go too fast, mind, but a little bit faster. « Let's go see what we have found, hmm? Hey, Tsunami, what sort of fighters you think they are? » she asks, though she's now got her own sensors and even eyes straining to see what the heck is out there.

Apparently, there are at least two types of craft out there… even though the radars tag everything as hostile for the moment. Apparently, neither group belongs to the Confederation. A couple explosions light up space, yellow dots indicating missiles briefly flickering onto radar screens before disappearing again.

«Looks like we've found ourselves one hell of a mess » Cole comments, apparently having finally caught sight of whatever's going on on his own sensors. « Reading 'em as… eight Kilrathi, and three… Talon class? » Cole seems almost confused by it himself. « Hell of a time for the civvies to try and play the hero »

Kanani frowns as the sensors pick up what sorts of fighters are out there. «Hmm, this is a bit odd. How'd those Talons get all the way out here, anyways?" She asks out loud, as her fighter continues on towards the battle.

« Civvies? Or pirates? Shall we turn up the thrust and engage the Kilrathi? » Tori asks, though that would leave the broadsword chugging along in behind. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. « Actually, we could perhaps do 90 degrees and come at them from the side. » Any side, really, this being space and all. She is a little curious about how they got out here herself. « Any sign of a carrier? For either side? »

The exchange of fire continues, more missiles screaming between both sides… and a pair of larger explosions marking where at least two of the fighters involved in the combat have died. As the battle resolves further, the two sides become clear… what's now a pair of Talons is swarmed by a Kilrathi strike force… four Dralthi escorting three Grikath.

« Don't care who they are right now, if they're shooting at the furballs. Let's get in there and give 'em a hand » Cole replies. « I'd rather go for those Grikath here than try and stop 'em from putting torpedoes in our carrier » Not that he's exactly racing into the fight. He really can't.

Kanani charges in towards the Kilrathi fighters, her Stiletto slipping in behind one of the Dralthi, and once her missile gets a log on it, she pulls the trigger, calling out. «Fox 2.»

That's about all the go that Tori needs to hear. She hits her throttle, and the medium fighter jumps forward with a silent roar. « Play time, » is what she says, acknowledging Voodoo's words. « Don't take too long to join us, Lead. » And then she's silent, as she decides to try one of those same Grikath, heading in at high speed, targetting one and when she's got a clear shot, she lets it loose. « Fox two. » she says, mimicking Kanani's words as she too fires a missile.

The second talon flies apart under combined Kilrathi weapons fire… having never really stood much of a chance. It's not all good news for the Kilrathi though. Two missiles slam into one of the Kilrathi bombers, which is rather promptly obliterated by the pair of explosions.

One of the talons finally communicates, though it's not a distress call. It's a call of triumph at the destruction of the Kilrathi. « Heathen! Taste the purifying fire of the lord! »

Cole, meanwhile, is just left to shake his head under his helmet. « Fantastic. Retros. » he grumbles. « Guess no matter who loses this fight, we win » he adds, toggling over to his missiles and lobbing one from the end of his range into the fight.

Kanani gives a little sigh, as the Retro rhetoric is heard over the comms. "Great." She mutters to herself. As her missile does some damage to her target, she sighs, and launches another one at it, hoping to finish it off, quickly.

Tori rolls her eyes as well, as they at least now know who the Talons are. « Well, at least they got one thing right, » she muses softly. As the first grikath is obliterated, she considers her target and then deliberately targets one of the dralthi that is targeting her own wingmate, rather than the grikath which … are after the retro. « It is time for the kittens to die. Fox two. »

The Kilrathi escorts turn off to deal with the new threat presented by the Confederation fighters… one of their number promptly exploding as a missile runs straight up its tailpipe. The two Kilrathi bombers seem quite sufficient to take on the final of the Talons, however, and the last of the Retro pilots dies amidst a hail of neutron fire.

« Looks like it's our turn in the hot seat now » Cole comments, even as he angles for a better shot on the Dralthi he'd just damaged… ignoring the few places where mass driver shots have chipped his Broadswor'ds thick armor.

Kanani gives herself a firm nod as the Dralthi in her sights blows up. «Hah, that's one less cat, to bother us at least.» She comments before lining up a shot on one of the remaining Dralthi. Once she gets a lock, she fires her final missile, and tries to dodge the incoming fire.

« As always. When are we not in the hot seat? Nice shot, Tsunami, » Tori manages, but now that they're int he thick of things and getting targeted a little more, she pays a little more attention to her defenses, juking, zigging and zagging, in order to try to get behind one of those Grikath, just to try to keep it from paying attention to what it's doing. « Tally ho. Let's see if we can make these kitties regret coming out to play. »

Two more Dralthi fall to missile attacks, leaving the Kilrathi with numbers equal to those of the Confederation… but they're certainly getting their hits in. More mass driver slugs tear into Cole's armor, and Kanani's Stiletto is holed by surprisingly accurate neutron gun fire from one of the Kilrathi bombers.

For those people keeping score at home, shooting holes in Kanani's fighter is a pretty quick way for a Kilrathi to attract Cole's wrath. Which probably explains why his broadsword comes around rather quickly at the bomber, flying very nearly straight into its path. « You alright in there, Tsunami? ». He apparently not going to give that particular furball a chance to follow up, if he can help it, keeping his bomber obnoxiously in front of his Kilrathi counterpart. "That's quite enough out of you" Cole mutters to the Kilrathi as he toggles off his last missile.

Kanani checks her fighters status screens for a moment, to make sure that her fighter isn't going to fall apart just yet, before answering. «I'm just fine, still. My bird is somewhat less so, at the moment, but still flyable at least.» She calls out, before she opens fire on the Grikath that shot her in the first place.

Tori winces as she watches the fire coming and going. She manages to stay out of the way of flying debris, missiles, gunfire and anything else that's in the immediate vicinity. As she ducks, waffles and weebles, she spies a chance shot on the Dralthi, and promptly switches targets, letting loose with her own neutron guns. At this point, all she says is, « Queen, firing on the Dralthi. »

Cole's already-wounded Broadsword certainly takes a pounding for its aggressive positioning, another pair of shots tracking into the bomber's body. Though thankfully, Broadswords were made for such things in a way that Stilettos really aren't. Unfortunately, the same could also be said of the Kilrathi bombers… which continue to hang on despite the firepower thrown their way.

« Think that's nature's way of telling me to back off a bit » Cole comments with a little dry amusement as more and more of his damage display fills in red. Not quite enough to really be worried about, but certainly enough to make him rethink his earlier reckless antics. « That was the last of my missiles, by the way. I'm going to be down to throwing things at 'em »

Kanani sighs as her guns don't do a whole lot of damage to the enemy bomber. Not that she expected otherwise really. She opens fire once again, hoping that she's able to line the guns up right, despite the damage done to her fighter.

Tori scores a hit on the Dralthi, and with her team mates taking damage, she gets a little more reckless, which perhaps is not a good idea, but she really wants to finish off the pesky dralthi. So she sticks to its tail, chasing it through thick and thin, as she weaves only a little, only as needed to follow the dralthi, and as soon as her targetting system locks on, she lets loose with her neutron guns once more. « Likely, Voodoo, » she says absently. Her attention is far more on what she's doing, trying to get the good guys one fewer target to fire on. Almost … almost, and there! She hits the button, letting loose with the guns.

With damage on both sides, missiles largely expended, and the fire focusing in on the larger craft on both sides… the fight quickly settles down to a low-speed slugging match. A shot hits here and there, shaving armor and durasteel plating off into space, but for the moment everything still holds together on both sides.

« Gonna be here a while at this rate » Cole comments. « Those bastards are just as designed to take hits as I am » he points out, probably rather needlessly.

Kanani growls faintly as her shots bounce off the armor of the bomber. «That wouldn't surprise me much at the moment, Voodoo.» She responds, as she opens fire once again. Who knows, maybe a lucky shot will get through?

Tori cusses silently, noting that not much is working. She switches over to full guns, wrinkling her nose at Cole's words. Yup, long day's night, this. Sigh. Still, she continues on the tail of that Dralthi, making sure it doesn't get a free and clear shot at anyone, if she can help it. Sooner or later, there's gonna be a break, one way or t'other. «C'mon, kitty, let's see what you've got. » She accelerates and then slows, taking a target and firing again, this time changing her aim just a bit.

« For the love of god… » Cole grumbles as more of his shots chip away at the Grikath in front of him, failing to connect much of anywhere to cause significant damage. « I guess at least I know what it feels like to be a Kilrathi trying to shoot me down » he notes with a bit of dry amusement.

«These bombers sure do take a lot of punishment.» Kanani remarks as she opens fire on the cat yet again. Sometime this year it should blow up. Maybe.

Tori manages to score a hit on the dralthi, though it's still flying, more's the pity. In the meantime, the other grikath scratches her paint, which has grumble more than a little and turn her fighter to fire back at the bomber targetting her. Who knows, maybe she'll get a lucky shot in.

"Not sure how much more of this my bomber's going to put up with… » Cole comments as more mass driver fire slams into his broadsword. « Let's try going about this a different way. Focus in your attacks on that damaged Dralthi, let's see if we can't at least take a little of the fire off our backs »

«Roger that, lead.» Kanani replies, as her guns move to set their sights on the remaining Dralthi. Once she's got a shot, she opens fire, once again putting any ideas of dodging out of her mind, and just hoping that no one is shooting at her.

« I hear that, Lead. Changing target to the dralthi. » Tori says, as she switches over targetting to the called out target. She should perhaps be ducking a bit more, but she's hoping that she can hit the target rather than get hit, moving at all speed, such as it is. As she gets a target lock, she fires.

Struck by gunfire from all three Confederation fighters, the last of the Kilrathi escorts finally falls… splitting into two counter-rotating pieces as a few small explosions ripple through the center of the craft.

« Nice shooting, everyone » Cole compliments, even as he turns towards the next target. « Let's finish off the other cripple, and then we'll see about the last one »

Kanani switches back to the damaged bomber, and once again opens fire on it. «Let's just hope that this tactic works as well this time around.» She responds with a snicker.

Alrighty then. That's better. Now the little buzzfly is gone, time to focus on the big boys? Or something like that, anyway. Tori nods her head, realizes that Cole can't see it, and speaks up. « Roger lead. » That's all she says, as she turns her fighter around, coming back to fly-by the wounded Grikath, targetting, locking, and firing.

And sure enough… battered by another round of concentrated fire, the damaged Kilrathi bomber is torn apart. Leaving one last Kilrathi all alone with three Confederation fighters. Though they're certainly not the best looking trio of ships in space.

« Much better » Cole comments with a little chuckle after the death of the second one. « Looks like you're running up the score on us today, Tsunami » It's easier to be a little relaxed when the fight's turning in your favor, after all.

Kanani chuckles softly as her shots rip apart the cockpit of the bomber. «Well, I do try my best, sir.» She teases over the comm, as her Stiletto rolls over, to bring it's guns to bear on the remaining Grikath. Once she has a shot lined up, she pulls the trigger, and lets the mass driver rounds fly.
Sure does look like Tsunami's getting the score this time. Tori moves her throttle to turn her Rapier so as to get a good shot on the last target. Without a word, just listening to the other two, she can't help but smile. And then she gets a lock and fires.

« Guess we're not quite rid of this one yet » Cole coments with a little chuckle. « Keep up the pressure, he can't keep away from all of us » he adds rather needlessly, turning in again for another pass at the Kilrathi bomber.

«Damn it all, why did he have to move out of the way?» Kanani asks as her shots do nothing but light up space harmlessly. She keeps her sights on the cat though, and quickly fires off another burst at them, trying to help finish it off.

« Bound to happen once in a while, » Tori says, though whether she's responding to Kanani or Cole is anyone's guess. Maybe both. She jukes around, glad that she managed to avoid that last shot, and returns fire with precision.

The Grikath survives the terrible pounding that it takes around the cockpit area, holding together despite the spectacular damage. Unfortunately, reduced to a fine red mist by the Mass Driver slugs tearing through his cockpit, the Kilrathi pilot doesn't live to see the impressive display of durability by his bomber… which goes sailing off harmlessly into space.

« And looks like that's the last of 'em. Everyone still doing alright? » Cole asks. « My bird looks like hell, but she's holding together just fine »

Kanani checks her readouts again, just to make sure that they look the same as the last time. «I think I'm alright here. Good to make it back home at least.» She replies to the question, with a wry chuckle.

« Good to go, just a couple paint scratches, I expect. All clear here. Not quite all green, but should be no problems getting back to base. » Tori says, easy enough. « Shall we? I think that definitely qualifies as our patrol being over, yes? »

« Let's bring 'em back home » Cole replies. « At least that gives us an answer as to whether the Kilrathi are intending to fight it out here » Cole adds, before looking thoughtful for a moment. « Though it does raise the question of where those deployed off of. Either way, we're in no shape to go hunting for it. Back to the Majestic »

Kanani turns her fighter onto a course to head back to the Majestic, once the order to head for home is given. "Well, I suppose at least for the moment, that's for intel to worry about and not us. Well… at least not until they send us out again to find out the answer anyways.» She adds with a chuckle.