Tizona's Pool Party of Doom!
Tizona's Pool Party of Doom!
Arc: None
Summary: A planned pool party turns to pathos, topped up by two near drownings! Fun!
Date: 2658.279
Related Logs: None
Participants: James, Kayly, Oceana, Paz, Raine, Veritas

Fitness Center Deck 7

Tingerhoff System, Clarke Quadrant — 2048 Hours 2658.279

Designed to fit a maximum of facilities in a minimum of space, the Fitness Center of the Majestic is an oddly crowded room. Entrance from the Crew Services deck actually leads to the second level of the facility, with ramps to left and right leading down to the floor. Ringing the sizable room at the height of the second level is a four lane running track. Set under the running track around the perimeter of the room are a number of weight machines, exercise bikes,a set of punching bags, and numerous other types of stationary equipment. The center of the room is relatively more open, containing a boxing ring and a number of mats suitable for either gymnastics or martial arts. Locker rooms are set into the fore bulkhead, with a sign by the doors indicating that access to the facility's pool is through the lockers.

What with all the endless routine of flying CAP, managing and working in Med Bay, security details, doing maintenance, constant training, the human need to eat and sleep, and, of course, this being the military, the _tons_ of paper work our heroes have to contend with, life on the Majestic can get to be a bit….much sometimes. Typically, the preferred stress-reliever on ship is First and Last, but even that gets old after a while. What's to be done? First Lieutenant Garcia thinks she's got the answer - a pool party!

Of course, being aboard ship, the suits have to be regulation issue, and there's nary a wave in sight, but who cares? There's water, diving boards, and, with the help of a friendly Chief, a battered old Sony Musicman loaded with just about any song you'd want. Dive on in!

Cea doesn’t mind if it's regulation bathing suits. They work quite well for swimming. She's actually swimming lengths as things get started, getting some cardio in after her weights. Though as she comes to a stop at the end of the pool, she blinks a bit as she she hears … music? That's not quite what she was expecting. Interesting place, the Majestic. Even the pilots have their moments. Nice! She pulls herself out of the water, looking around to see what is going on.

Veritas is definitely looking forward to the party. He has his swim trunks on and has found a pair of sun glasses somewhere. His hair is slicked back and he is already checking out the female crew men and passing out winks.

James is sitting on the edge of the pool in his swim trunks, and in a rarity he's in them with no books anywhere near him. He finally slips into the pool and looks around to see if anyone he recognizes is about.

The heck? Well, Raine seems uneasy about the whole idea. But it's Paz. She seems to trust the Paz. She has a robe on over her swimsuit. There's a pause and a sigh at Veritas. "I don't know why I even still pay attention to him," She mumbles to the tree in her hands. "I wish I had a spine." A shrug and a smile. She waves to James and some of the others.

"What's going on?" Cea asks, having missed the memo about the party it seems. She heads over to where she spies a few folks who seem perhaps to be gathering, her fingers itching with the sound of the music. "Oh, hey, Doc. Everything okay?" Worried about being in a swim suit? Not so you'd notice.

Kayly heads over towards the pool, with the intention of swimming a few laps for and is brought up a bit short, as she notices the gathering crowd of people heading over there. She gives a bit of a 'what the hell' sort of look as she continues to make her way over, peering around at the people already around.

Veritas gets to where he see Raine and walks over to her, he raises an eyebrow at the way she is standing in the robe. "Everything OK Rain Drop?"

James returns Racine’s wave then swims over to the part of the edge of the pool closest to the group. "How is everyone doing?" he asks cheerfully while looking around the group.

Two docs, ah ah! Raine smiles and waves at Kayly. There's a pause at Cea. "Hello there. Yeah. A little. Surprised to find a party here," She admits wryly. There's a blink at Veritas. A slow nod. "I'm surprised you asked with so many swim suits here." She notes. "I am alright, yourself?"

Cea smiles, and nods to everyone. She steps back a bit as Veritas asks Raine a similar question to the one she did, but gets an interesting answer. Huh. And then James speaks up, and Cea glances over his way. "I'm okay, don't know about everyone else. Did I hear this is a party? Really? Do we often have parties in the pool?"

Paz grins as she arrives from the locker room, looking trim and fit in her Confed-issue onesie. "Hey everybody!" she calls, waving happily. "Sorry I'm late, had a snag in my cockpit to iron out."

A party? So much for exercise is probably what Kayly's thinking to herself as she shakes her head a bit, and arrives at the pool herself. "So who's idea was all of this?" She ponders out loud, as she nods and gives a wave over to Raine. Can't go ignoring the boss after all. Or her evil bonsai's of doom.

Veritas blinks and recoils a little. "Wait what?" He takes off the sunglasses and takes a long look at Raine. "Do we need to talk?" He has gone from fly boy flirt to totally serious and sober in no time flat. In fact for most of the ships company he is looking rather alien to the Kitten everyone knows and loves.

James replies Oceana "That's good then looks towards Paz and smiles "Hi Tizona I'm glad it wasn't anything serious." When Veritas starts acting oddly James glances in the direction of Raine, Veritas, and the bonsai of course, wondering what's up.

Cea arches a brow briefly, though she's not all that familiar with Veritas. She shrugs, deciding that the party is what it is. She heads over to find her towel, giving a brief wave towards the group, taking a few moments to dry off.

"Yeah, just annoying." Paz sighs, stretching a little in preparation for SwimEx '58. "What's up with Doc Raine?" she asks quietly, nodding in the woman's direction. "She doesn't look happy."

There's an amused look at Paz. "It's alright, I'm glad you're safe," Raine admits. She looks to Kayly. "Not sure," She admits. well, Paz. Yes. Then a blink at Veritas. She shrugs. "We can talk later, I am glad to see Paz and the others," She nods and smiles. Really. "Hello there. huh?" She frowns. "I- How would you know a tree is happy anyway?"

Veritas kinda withers a little at that and nods, he then backs off from Raine a bit and finds himself a nice quiet spot near the shallower end of the pool, lowering himself in.

Kayly tosses a glance around at the people already at the pool, nodding to the people she does know. While she might not know Veritas, Raine's reaction does seem to get an odd look, though she just shakes her head slightly.

James nods in response to Paz then shrugs in answer to her question. After Raine replies though his gaze returns to Raine confused and worried by her last statement.

Lucky for Cea, she's already finished her workout. She tucks the towel over her shoulders and heads back out towards the door, stopping briefly just to look from Raine to Veritas and back again. "Have a good party, folks," she says after a moment, as she turns to head for the locker room.

"Hey Doc." Paz says, stepping to Raine's side. "You okay? You look kinda….mad, really." she says. "C'mon, it's a party!" she grins. "Chance to take your mind off your troubles and have some fun."

Raine waves at Cea. "It was good to see you!" She remarks quietly. She's trying to shake off what was bothering her. "Yeah… sounds good, sorry," She shakes her head. "How are you?" She asks Paz.

Veritas does not collect his glasses, they are still sitting at the side of the pool near Raine. He does close his eyes as he sits in the water well out of the way and thinks a little.

James says "Good bye." to the departing Oceana then returns his attention to the apparently depressed doctor. "Some time in the water might help, and I can watch your bonsai while you swim if you are worried about it." he offers.

"I'm good, little tired, but, yeah, good." Paz replies with a little smile. "Anyhow….I think it's now officially time for a flying elbow smash." she declares, stepping as far away from the deep end of the pool as she can in the small space and running headlong towards the water. Just as she reaches the edge, the young pilot leaps into the air, cocks an elbow and smacks into the pool with a mighty splash.

Kayly smirks a bit as Paz makes her dramatic entry into the pool, and she decides to just slide into the pool herself, with no big splashes or anything. "So, this whole thing, your idea, Paz?" She asks with a chuckle, once the pilot has appeared above water again.

Raine glances to Veritas. "Do you want me to carry your glasses?" She offers quietly. She smiles at Paz. "I'm glad." Then a soft laugh as Paz goes diving. She watches those in the pool for a moment, curious.

Veritas blinks and looks up, he lazily swims over to where she is, and reaches for them, "Sorry…forgot about them…"

James finds himself caught in the path of Paz's splash. A second after the wave hits him he emerges from it laughing. Since Raine doesn't answer him he begins to swim in Paz's direction before trying to splash her.

"Yepper." Paz replies to Kayly with a grin. "Figured it's a good break from getting sloshed at First." she explains. She doesn't spot James' approaching her with intent to semi-drown, and is thus going to be helpless to prevent it. "C'mon in, Doc!" she calls to Raine, "Water's great!"

Carefully, Raine eventually disrobes and smiles at James. She sets her tree down nearby. "It should be okay, no worries." A nod at Veritas. "Sorry. I um, didn't think you wanted them stepped on. How are you?" She looks amused at Paz. "Ack!" Splashing people!

Kayly chuckles a bit, and nods at Paz. "Doesn't surprise me in the slightest for some reason." She remarks, being careful to not give away any splashing attempts being made on the pilot before they happen.

James comes in from behind and to the left of Paz. He raises his arms and brings them down as hard as he can near her to maximize the effects of his splash on her. "Surprise Tizona!" He adds cheerfully.

Paz acks as she's suddenly doused by James' surprise attack! "Hey!" she laughs, wiping the water out of her eyes with one hand and trying to splash back. "Of course ya know…" she says in her best Bugs Bunny voice. "This means war!"

Veritas plays with the glasses and slides them back on he still stays near the edge. He smiles as Raine asks the question, not sure who it is directed at, and watches as James jumps Paz.

Raine watches, then gasps. Splash war. Then a blink. She shrugs at Veritas, and pauses. "I should probably go check something. I am glad to see you all well." She smiles and heads for the ladder.

Veritas swims over, "you want some company?"

James smiles "But of course Tizona. I wouldn't have it any other way." He unleashes a second splash before turning his head away "Bye doctor. Hopefully I'll see you soon, and without needing treatment again."

Paz splashes back with a laugh. "Yarr, matey! I'll be sendin' ye t' Davy Jones' locker fer that!" she growls in her best awful pirate imitation. "Or Mike Smith's locker, or Mike Nesmith's locker….All the Monkees had lockers…" she giggles, giving Raine a wave. "See ya, Doc! Don't work too hard!"

A pause at Veritas. "Um. Well, you could follow me to the MedBay," Raine wouldn't stop him. She does wink though, and waves. She laughs softly. "I won't."

Veritas rises from the pool he waves back at Paz and falls in beside Raine on the way to the Locker Rooms.

James still has his head turned away when the splash hit and sputters a little before turning to Tizona with a smile as he tries to splash her twice back to back.

"Heh, didn't see that comin' didja?" Paz taunts, usually a bad idea in combat. A lesson driven home to her when James' splash whacks her dead in the face. "Oh..okay..okay….that's it….you are _toast!_" she growls, unleashing a flurry of playful splashy attacks, grinning like a ten year old.

James smiles and forgetting any idea of being sneaky for now he settles for splashing back as rapidly as he can laughing all the while. "Who's going to be toast Tizona?

Paz tries to reply, but is being splashed too hard and too fast to get anything out but a splutter. Clearly, it is time for a change of tactics, sucking as much air as she can into her lungs, Paz dives below the water and starts swimming frantically towards the bottom.

James of course sets off in pursuit of Paz though he watches as carefully as he can in case she has some kind of ambush planned for him in the pool's depths.

Say what you like about Paz, the girl grew up on an island, and is, therefore, one hell of a swimmer, even after years away from home, she finds the bottom quickly and stays there long enough to formulate a plan. James' attempts to follow her notwithstanding.

James is from Mars. Not a lot of water unfortunately which means that he doesn't have nearly as much eperience under it as Paz. He's soon running out of breath and struggling valiantly to reach the surface.

Paz spots that James is in trouble and, short of breath herself, starts swimming madly to help him make it back to the surface.

In one of those moments that would be hilarious if this were a movie James's efforts to reach the surface, and Paz's efforts to help him somehow lead to him being tangled up by his own body.

Oh for crying out _loud_! Now James has managed to fold himself up like a Swiss Army Knife, making it a lot harder for Paz to shove his head above water. Fortunately, she's done this before with friends and siblings who, in that case, fooled around too much and let themselves run out of breath too far below the surface. A desert rat like James, eh….that's just pure ignorance. "C'mon, man!" Paz says, spluttering to the surface and gasping for air herself. "C'mon…you're not drowned….." she says..

James gasps for air once his head is above the water and takes several more gasps before managing to speak "Thanks Tizona." he says even as a shiver runs through his body "Tha was far too close."

"No shit, Cutlass." Paz replies, trying, and failing to tow the man back to the edge of the pool, barely able to tread water herself as she gasps for air. "Heh……where'd you learn to swim?" she manages to get out between deep breaths. "A frickin' sand dune?"

James replies between gasps of breath "The academy. Mars isn't exactly known for it's great places to swim so I never bothered learning until I was there." he explains.

"Heh…the Academy?" Paz replies, trying once again to tow James back and, this time, nearly drowning herself in the effort.

James says "Yes and begins trying to help Paz's efforts though all he manages is to just barely keep from sinking back into the water in the process.

"Thppt….thppt……~gasp~ ~splutter~" Paz manages to get out between bobs underwater. "We…gotta….get…out….~splutter~ this..~thppt~" her next words are lost as she bobs back underwater. "Fuckin' pool…." she says, gasping for breath as she surfaces.

James says in a worried tone "Be careful Tizona." between two gasps. He's finally gotten back enough form and strength to swim towards the edge of the pool while he does what he can to help Paz.

She's trying, she really is, but the lack of sleep she was already dealing with, combined with operating on less than adequate oxygen and the fatigue it brings with it are catching up with her….Weakening, Paz slips beneath the water…….

James dips under water just long enough to wrap his arms around Paz and pulls her back up while doing his best to maintain the pair's motion towards the edge of the pool.

Okay, _SUPER_ embarrassing! A New Illyricum girl being rescued from the water by a landlubber of a Martian. She'll never live this one down, though James' efforts ensure she will probably live through it.

Unfortunately James's efforts to keep Paz above the water end up leading to him going back under as the pair somehow flips over so that Paz is above the water and James below.

Paz bobs to the surface and is able to draw at least one functional breath before she too slips back under… A part of her notes that this is a perfectly ironic way for a fighter jock to die…

James manages to rally his body in a burst of adrenaline and get the two back to the surface. The efforts prevent him from making any real progress towards the pool's edge though.

She's on the surface now, James' efforts have not been in vain, but she's also completely helpless and not entirely conscious anymore. Paz seems to have sucked up some water somewhere along the way and is, if not drowned, then damn near it.

James manages to keep Paz above the water but slides back under himself despite his best efforts. with the pair drifting very slowly towards the pool's edge.

Alas, Paz has nothing left….they're close to the edge of the pool, but she's not able to keep hold of James…..

James barely manages to catch Paz before she can drift away, and with a burst of renewed energy he rises to the surface and manages to propel the pair within reach of the pool's edge.

Paz manages to rally at the eleventh hour, drawn up to the surface by James and spluttering mightily as she kicks slowly against the water, then latches on to the rim of the pool. "Th………That………..was……._not_…..fun…" she ekes out between gasps for air.

James grabs onto a section of the edge of the pool next to Paz and after a couple of gasps replies "No it was" gasp "not fun." gasp "How are you?" gasp "It seemed like you were out of it there, do you need to go to medbay?"

"No…..I think I…..~gasp~ I'm okay…." Paz replies tiredly. "The…~gasp~ the fuck happened?" she asks, redoubling her hold on the edge as she struggles to catch up with the whole blood-oxygen deficit issue. "I owe you big time, Cutlass." she adds.

James says "I honestly don't know. And it's fine Tizona. I'm just glad that we're ok." He decides to wait a little longer before trying to climb out of the pool.

Paz likewise waits until her world stops spinning like a top before hauling herself out of the pool. "I am …..~deep breath~ ~long, satisfied, exhalation~ very out of shape." she confesses. "gotta..fix that."

James pulls himself out of the pool to end up laying on his stomach before rolling over "Yeah I've obviously slipped somewhere. I was never in the best shape in the universe, but I've definitely been better then that."

"Heh,,,can I throw a pool party, or can't I?" Paz chuckles darkly, sprawled out on the deck, gasping for air.

James turn his head sideways so he's looking Paz's way "Well it certainly was a memorable one at least."

"Yeah…….heh…..This is funny." Paz replies, turning her head to face James. "Usually, if you're on the floor at a party, you're drunk." she giggles.

James laughs "That's true. Well just one more reason that this will be memorable." he smiles again

Paz nodders and starts dragging herself to her feet, chuckling. "Jeebus…I'm gonna be tasting chlorine for a month." she says, blowing her nose between her fingers.

James rolls back over and begins pushing himself to his feet "Tell me about it. In fact one month might be an underestimate."

Paz offers James an unsteady hand, even as she laughs. "Well, the upside is, we won't have to taste our chow for a while."she smirks, shaking herself a little to stimulate the blood flow.

James accepts the help though he's very careful not to topple Paz as he rises. "Every cloud has to have it's silver lining thankfully Tizona."

Paz snerks, coughs, splutters, then snerks again. "Yeah…." she says, yawning mightily. "Heh, thanks for coming to my pool party of doom." she says, slowly walking towards the locker room. "And thanks again…"

James nods "You're welcome and see you soon Tizona." he waves and begins heading for the mens' locker room