To Refrain From Imitation
To Refrain From Imitation
Arc: Cloaks and Daggers
Summary: A contact from New Detroit's underworld reaches out to Confed's undercover forces, providing the first possibility of digging deeper into the troubles on New Detroit.
Date: 2659.021
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Participants: Oceana Kayly

The fight has cleared up, and the bar's patrons have mostly gone back to their business… with the Confed pilots, and a few of the undercover team as well, having snuck out to see to their injuries. For those who remain, a different sort of task is at hand. After all, there's still the matter of the man at the bar who'd expressed his rather odd sentiment regarding the Confederation officers 'having it coming'.

Oceana has to take a moment or two to take stock of herself. She's in one piece, in a little pain, but after the initial adrenaline kick ends, and her irkedness at the guy just up and leaving fades, she finds herself standing by the bar, with her mug of beer there. So she takes a drink, glancing around. Good that things are quieting down, and that the doc is looking after the more fragile members of the squad. Right, what next? Another drink, that's what!

Kayly glances around at the aftermath of the brawl, before turning towards the new voice, and shrugging slightly. "They usually do have it coming to them."

The man who spoke is balding, a bit overweight, perhaps somewhere in his mid 50's. Turning a little more fully to Kayly, he offers a deep chuckle before he tells her. "Ain't that the truth." He pauses for a moment there, and then adds offhand "Shame you don't see it more often. Usually it's them stepping on the little guy"

Cea takes a long drink, draining her mug, and then collects her next one. Now that she's feeling better, all the way around, she discovers that Kayly is chatting up the balding guy who was cheering them on. So she moves quietly over that way, more or less backing up her fellow squad-mate in a quiet fashion. As she hears the last comment, she shrugs a bit.

Kayly gives another shrug, and chuckles wryly. "Well, they've usually got the money, numbers and equipment to push people around." She comments, looking at the man idly. "So they get out of their element when they don't have all their toys to help them out."

"Funny how that works, isn't it?" The man comments, giving a little shrug of his shoulders. "Always enough to push us around, never enough to push the Kilrathi out" he explains, perhaps a bit bitterly. "Almost makes you wonder what they've really got all that gear for"

"Their own benefit, I guess," Cea says, just so neither of the two is surprised by her presence. Besides the fact that they have the most horrible pickup lines ever, they cheat, and they run like cowards … as if that wasn't enough. She drinks her second mug a little more slowly.

"Seems likely." Kayly states in reply to Cea's comment. Shrugging a bit more she glances over at the man again, asking. "So any particular reason that you seemed to have a bit more interest in that little fight, than the rest of the crowd?"

"Maybe it was good to see someone stand up to 'em for once" The man replies with a chuckle. "Maybe it's refreshing to see that not everyone buys into the bullshit they're putting out on the news" he adds, even as he crooks a pair of fingers to beckon Kayly closer.

Cea takes another gulp of her ale, settling in idly and not really paying all that much attention to the fellow chatting up Kayly. She does keep watch over the rest of the place, just in case. Still, good merc group - she isn't leaving Kayly alone, specially since those lardass pilots might come back for more.

Kayly might have rolled her eyes as the man crooks his fingers, it's hard to tell for sure, but she leans in a bit, to hear whatever it may be that he's got to say.

"Maybe I know a few more people who think the same way that you do, if you're looking for work" The man whispers quietly to Kayly, before leaning back again and taking a sip from his beer.

Cea just settles calmly in. Cute girl with beer and never mind that she was in a fist fight not so long ago and didn't blink an eye, honest. She is close enough that she can give a hand if needed, but other than that, she looks for tha bartender, intending to get a round for the group of mercs, whoever is there. And if she's just waiting for Kayly to finish flirting, that's okay too. Okay, Cea did hear part of the conversation and is hoping there's more to it than flirting. But you never know.

Kayly ponders the man's words thoughtfully for a few moments, before she gives a little shrug. "Oh, you do, do you? Well, as it happens, my friends and I might actually be looking for a bit of work as it is, depending on how much it pays."