Toasts to Old and New
Toasts to Old and New
Arc: None
Summary: After Dante's wake.
Date: 2658.244
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Participants: Walsh Victoria Saint-Cloud Paz Maximilian James Kayly

James glances down Victoria's way with a grim smile "I think this is the first time we've ran into eachother since they let you out of Medical, so how have things been going for you Queen?"

Attacking his new drink, Walsh looks over towards the only noticeable activity in the area - such that it is, and his brain grinds the gears of cognizance. After a pause, he realizes he recognizes one of the two women as a pilot he has already flown with.

Tori considers that, and gives James a smile. "Hey, Cutlass, I think you're right. I've been doing just fine, actually." Until recently. But that's not something she's talking about at the moment. "Oh, and using those books you loaned me too. Thank you." She turns to Paz and offers a bigger grin. "Of course it's for appearances, and keeping everything running smoothly," she says. And hopefully once cooler heads prevail, most will recognize it too. Hopefully. And if not, well, that's how it goes some days.

Paz chuckles and nods sagely. "Of course, of course." she replies, shamelessly lying through her teeth. "Heya, Cutlass. How is?" she says, giving the man a little wave as she makes steady inroads on pint #2. Walsh's presence catches her and and she gives the man a polite nod.

Kayly finishes off her drink, and stands up, stretching a bit as she does so. "Well, I think I'm going to get a bit of sleep, now. I'll see you all later. Hopefully not with you guys being patients in the medbay." She then starts on her way out of the lounge.

Maximilian sits at the bar, glowering at nothing, lost in his orange juice. His right hand continues to shake, vaguely, occasionally tapping on the countertop with a slight rapping sound.

James smiles more warmly "That's good, and you're welcome Queen. I'm glad that I could help." He then looks toward Paz "Alright, sorry about zoning out last night."

Tori just laughs at Paz, knowing full well the other woman is fibbing. She smiles at James, with a bit of a shrug. "I'll have at least one to return to you sometime in the next couple weeks, I think." She's been studying quite a bit, it seems. with her drink finished, she sets the glass down and then adds, "But I do believe I have a flight scheduled tomorrow, so I'm about done for tonight. Take it easy, all." She orders a drink to be delivered to the lt. Commander (Nucefora that is) and one of whatever he wants to Max, quietly at the bartender, before she heads out.

Maximilian, alas, will abandon Tori's generous gift of orange juice unacknowledged, for before the bartender can do anything about it he gets up off the stool, heading directly for the exit without so much as a word of farewell. His hand keeps shaking at his side, on his silent way out of the door.

Saint-Cloud slips into the Lounge, the shortest XO.. sorry.. Tempoary CO in the fleet looks very very tired at this moment. Doing his job /and/ the commodore's until a replacement can be found for one or the other.

"Evening, sir." Paz calls to Saint-Cloud, giving the man a wave. "How's your world?"

James is about to say something to Victoria but she departs too quickly. He shrugs and sips his drink then he looks towards their acting captain and barely surpresses a wince before joining Paz in waving to him.

Saint-Cloud steps up to the bar and gives Paz a look.. not unfriendly.. more exhasperated. "If I could, I woud kill the COmmodore foe Dying.. but since that is rather redundant AND a double negative…" he trails off and looks at the stock of booze displayed. "Whisky..A lot of it and neat." He then nods to everyone else

"He was a good man, sir." Paz replies gently, understanding, or at the very least, sympathetic to, the burden that's just fallen on the former Astrogator's shoulders. "Didn't always see eye to eye with him, but he got the job done when it counts." she adds. "Hey, Mike, gimme a dram of that whiskey, too, if you please.' she adds.

As Walsh notices Saint-Cloud's entrance and considers his current position as the Majestic's acting captain, he feels a sudden wave of guilt. After all, he was part of the offensive flight on that fateful day. Why couldn't they have broken off to defend earlier instead of returning to a trashed Princeton? Saint-Cloud's comment doesn't help much either. Still, he manages a polite "Sir" to the naval officer.

Saint-Cloud pulls himself out up onto a stool, nodding to Walsh once, and then the heavey worlder sighs deeply as his drink arrives. He raises it, belatedly. "Yes.. A good man. Here's to you, Commodore.. When I see you in hell I will so be kicking your ass. Then I wll buy you a drink. Safe travels." He then drains the cup in a gulp and slams it down, wiping his lips with the back of his hand. "Refill!." he says, the raises the glass again. "To my final 5 year marriage contract expiring" he says, a bit more happily. "At least there is SOME good news."

"To Commodore Dante." Paz echoes, downing her own shot and pulling a slight face as the liquor crawls down her gullet. "Ugh…Mike…we gotta talk about your whiskey collection, mano." she says even as she puts her shotglass down for a refill.

James looks worried, and that worry wipes any humor from what Saint-cloud says away before he can grin. He sips his own drink and swallows just in time to be very confused by the acting captain's idea of good news, and hastily adds "To Commodore Dante." before finishing it.

Walsh raises his own glass. "To the Commodore. I didn't know him, but I feel like I somehow share some of the blame. We were out -there-" — he points in the general direction of the Kilrathi carrier — "dicking about, when we should have been -here-"

Saint-Cloud Drains the second glass as quickly as the first one and doesn't even look phased. of course, the short stocky man is a lot denser then most people so it probaly takes a lot. "Yes'sir I think I am going to stay out of the marriage game for a while. Three permenant Contracts is good enough for me. I ain't no homebody… If the others want to add to the marriage matrix then let them do all the work." He looks to James and shakes his head. "Don't you dare think that. Dante would woop your ass. This is war, Pilot. Sometimes it sucks but you can't take all the blame."

"Took the words outta my mouth, sir." Paz adds, turning to fix Walsh with a firm look. "Shit happens, Ozone. Never forget, the enemy's looking to win same as we are." she says simply. "But, I was going to propose another toast." she adds, clearing her throat. "To Captain Saint-Cloud." she grins, hoisting her shotglass. "Fuzzy Wuzzies better get used to cussing at this man." she chuckles. "Cause they'll be doing a _lot_ of it."

"Hmm. Guess so. Just kinda cuts me that this shit happened on my first flight out here." Walsh says, before gulping down the last of his beer. "Was losing my brother that got me into this gig in the first place, and I went and lost the goddamn CO in my first engagement."

James looks at the acting captain and barely surpresses the urge to ask how many drinks he's had tonight. He instead closes his eyes long enough to pray silently that no crisis comes up in the morning then opens his eyes and glances at the newcomer.

Saint-Cloud flushes a bit at THAT toast. "Oh gods.. don't be making out that I can be some tactical genius. I am a glorified pilot with two science doctorates, not Patton." he says with a sigh. He then looks to Walsh and shrugs. "We lost our CO my first mission. Pure bad luck, really. No ones fault." He sips his newly refilled drink and then looks into the grass. "I swear.. we need grain alcohol.. Cause this stuff is like water." he mutters.

"You'll do fine, sir." Paz says simply, nodding as she polishes off the remainder of her beer to wash away the burn of the cheap damn whiskey Mike's got on stock. "And I ain't brownosin', either, sir." she adds, chuckling. "My track record, I could become your mistress and bear you six kids and still not get promoted." she grins. "Just saying. If anybody's gonna take over for this ship, it should be you. Commodores come and go." she shrugs. "You'll make a great Captain."

James smiles "You will do fine sir." He tries to assure Saint-cloud then turns his attentions to Paz "I'm sure that you will get promoted sooner or later Tizona." He orders himself a second drink once reassurances are given out.

Walsh nods in agreement. "Well, from what I've heard of this tub's recent history, you lot really have done alright so far. Though the Admiral might think otherwise. — But I'll stay well away from that can-o-worms."

Saint-Cloud groans. "I already have five of my own and 5 more in the creche I barely get to see.. I met the my minimum quota. Besides, we do the whole mistress thing different on Dusk. Mistress has such a bad connotation.. and besides the permenant creche marriages and temporary outside marriages, we don't look at extra-marital relations the same way. So it rarely gains any favouritism, proffesionally among us." he swirls the liquid in his glass glass. "We'll see how great I am. I just want to get everyone through alive." he then looks at James. "But thanks." He then looks at Walsh and sighs. "And I still need to have a FORMAL meeting with him." Yeah, there is a silent "oh.. yay.." tacked on there.

"See, see what I mean?" she asks James, chuckling. "Not even the spawn of my loins is gonna get me up the ladder." she sighs, polishing off her beer. "Not that I mind. I got enough headaches of my own." she says firmly. "I signed up to kick the Fuzzy Wuzzies out of my neighborhood and intend to do just that. What happens next, well, that's up to the Confed. Don't envy you the meeting, sir." she adds for Saint-Cloud's benefit. "Be sure to say 'sir' and 'Admiral' a lot." she advises. "That seems to please him."

James stands "Unfortuantly I need to get some rest but good night captain, good night Tizona, and good night Ozone." He turns and heads for the hatch after anyone who does so replies. On the way out he whispers a prayer that the formal meeting isn't supposed to be tomorrow.

Saint-Cloud shakes his head again. "Right… Admiral and Sir.. Got to remember that." he says, sort of half sincerely half mockingly. To james he nods and raises his glass a bit. "Good night." he says and leans back in his chair-backed stool.

"Heh, kept me out of the brig more times than anything else, sir." Paz replies, hauling herself down from her barstool. "Anyhow, folks, as much fun as this has been, I got a long morning of paperwork and reports followed by an afternoon flight." she says, yawning behind a fist for emphasis. "Sleep easy, gentlemen."

"Should probably be crawling into bed myself, truth be told. Got a little project I want to sink some time into tomorrow morning while I'm off duty." After a moment's hesitation, Walsh gives a slight wave, and heads for the exit.