Two By Two
Two by Two
Arc: None
Summary: James and Phillip take on two Jalthi in the simulator and win.
Date: 2659.110
Related Logs: None
Participants: James Phillip

It's mid afternoon in the simulator room and James has just entered after finishing lunch. Glancing around he looks towards the officer manning the controls, and smiles "Could you set up a two on two with a pair of Jalthis, and a Stiletto in one pod with a Rapier in the other?" The officer nods and types in some commands before saying "The Stiletto is in pod 3 with the Rapier in 4."

Phillip walks in behind James and waits to hear from the sim tech which pod to enter. "Ah," Phillip says quietly before heading toward and into pod number 4.

James nods and slides into his pod. "It's been a while since we ran into any Jalthis so it will be good to practice against them." he says before sealing the pod, and waiting for Phillip to be ready.

Phillip looks over James and nods as he sits down into the pod and closes the hatch. Another simulator session, but this one more about skill than an actual sim mission. Kill the enemy, a short and simple mission. Only way to fail is to die. The simulator pod starts up and Phillip gets accumulated.

The simulator switches on as soon as both pilots are in place and soon the pair of fighters are flying through sim space. There will be no hunting today as a pair of Jalthi are already at the edge of sensor range and closing fast.

James watches the oncoming and says «Ok we have the maneuvering edge so let's try to break them up or force them to give one of us a clear shot. I'll take port.» He angles his craft somewhat port but continuing in the general direction of the enemy.»

With the Jalthis "sighted" and approaching at top speed, Phillip sets his approach toward the Starboard side moving at full speed sans afterburns. «Roger that, pinging the cats with a missile lock to get their attention.»

James's plan seems to work as both enemy fighters swing towards the Rapier leaving James with a clear shot at their tails which he takes by launching a heatseeker «Iceblade evade!» rings over the commline followed by «Cutlass Fox 2!»

Phillip spots the cats racing directly at him, so Phillip immediately turns about and racing away at full afterburner. «Cuts, Ice. Seems to have worked, going evasive.» Phillip radios as he jukes, jives, rattles and rolls to avoid heavy damage from their heavy guns.

James's missile catches his target directly in its engines jolting the craft just as it's guns spit fire intended for Phillip. The fire flies off harmlessly along with that from the second Jalthi. The wounded Kilrathi fighter soon swings around for a head to head with James which he meets guns blazing while the second stays on Phillip.

Phillip easily evades the rounds and the rounds are getting far fewer and farther away the fast little Rapier outpaces the Jalthi. A quick check and one of the Jalthis has decided to make a quick meal out of a certain flighty Stiletto. Phillip swings his bird in a long loop around to get behind the Lead Jalthi after James and splash it with an Imrec. Beep Beep PING! «Iceblade, Fox 2!» Phillip radios as he lets loose the nail into a simulated 7 foot long coffin for a certain simulated furry.

The Lead Jalthi takes a mass driver volley to the nose then shatters under the impact of Phillip's missile while the fire from the second Jalthi again does no harm to its target. «Good shooting Iceblade» James announces before swinging around to engage the last Jalthi whose pilot has decided to take the lighter Confederation fighter first.

The imrec lands squarely at the main portions of Lead Jalthi. "Yahoo!" Phillip yells as he races past the wreckage and debris formerly known as a Jalthi heav…dead class fighter. All the while the Jalthi behind him finds the Rapier too distant and dodgy to effectively hit. «One down, one to go. Let's tag this one and go home Cutlass.» Iceblade radios while taking his craft around and using it like a bazooka. No juking or jinking, just flying straight on ready to blast forth an unguided missile of death packed to the brim with high explosives.

While James's shot is absorbed by the shields Phillip's dumbfire scores a direct hit. The Jalthi proves the fighter's reputation for toughness however my emerging from the fireball intact to continue its pursuit of James who snap turns his fighter to bore in for a head to head pass weapons blazing.

«Hey kitty did you forget about me» Iceblade radios as his dumbfire smashes into the Jalthi's tail during the Kilrathi's foolhardy attempt to keep its guns trained on the outrageously more nimble Stiletto. Iceblade clings to the Jalthi's tail and unleashes a second dumbfire calling out James just before firing, «Cutlass, break left…now! Fox 4!»

James's shot slams into the Kilrathi heavy fighter's cockpit and the pilot instinctively jerks away…putting his engines right into the path of Phillip's dumbfire. This time only pieces of the Kilrathi bird emerge from the explosion «Nice shooting Iceblade» James says just before the mission complete message comes up on the simulator screen.

With the Kitty ignoring him completely, it was a simple matter too ramp a missile up the exhaust. «Thanks, mighty fine bit of teamwork. Let's just hope most cats don't learn that particular skill.» Phillip radios as the simulation ends.