221st Fighter Squadron: Illuminati

The 221st Squadron has been in thick of the fight with the Kilrathi almost since its inception, with a kill record to match. Originally stationed aboard TCS Kyoto through the Vega campaign, the unit was withdrawn from front line service following the destruction of the Kilrathi sector headquarters in Venice system. Many of its pilots were assigned to training duty or rotated out to home defense squadrons for a much-needed reprieve. When word of the Kilrathi assault on Gemini was recieved at TCN Headquarters, the squadron was quickly reconstituted with new Stiletto-class fighters to replace its aging Hornets and assigned to TCS Majestic. The 221st has proved as effective in Gemini as it was in Vega, ranking first among 8th Fleet squadrons in total Kilrathi vessels destroyed.

1087th Fighter Squadron (Reserve): Minutemen


Originally a reserve squadron based out of the Oxford system, the Minutemen were called to active duty when the Kilrathi invasion struck. Kept out of the thick of the initial fighting due to their obsolete equipment, the 1087th has recently been posted to TCS Majestic to reinforce the Majestic's decimated flight wing, and upgraded to the new Rapier-class Medium Fighter. Though under-trained and under-equipped by the standards of front line units, the Minutemen are quickly teaching the Kilrathi respect for the ferocity of men and women fighting for their homes.

13th Bomber Squadron: Black Cats

Long known as 'lucky 13' to its members, the 13th bomber squadron's origins date back to the pre-war Confederation Navy. Long assigned to home guard duty in the Sol Sector, the squadron was transferred to TCS Majestic shortly before its departure for Gemini Sector. A solid mix of veteran pilots and fresh recruits, the 13th quickly proved its combat effectiveness in the opening days of the Gemini campaign. In the battle for New Constantinople, the 13th was responsible for the destruction of a Kilrathi Snakier-class carrier and two Fralthi-class cruisers… unfortunately, the engagement also cost the unit half of its operational strength.

102th Fighter Squadron: The Conquistadors (NPC)

These squadron fly the aging yet effective heavy fighter, the Raptor. This squadron has seen been on-board the TCS Majestic since its maiden cruise and seen some of the toughest fighting in Gemini.

7th Bomber Squadron: The Green Knights (NPC)

This elite squadron of bomber pilots and crews have seen some of the most intense fighting in the Vega Sector. Lead by present Colonel Stephen Taylor for most of the last 13 years, this squadron has the highest capship destruction to fighter loss ratio in the Confederation Space Force. Until recently, this squadron flew off of the TCS Liberty, now in dry-dock for a refit, before being transferred to the TCS Majestic following the successful expulsion of Kilrathi forces from much of Gemini in 2659. Purportedly, Col. Taylor transferred to the TCS Majestic as Wing Commander on the condition that his squadron was transferred as well.

312th Fighter Squadron: Star Kings (NPC)

This squadron was founded during the Yan War as a space based reconnaissance squadron inspired by the tales of the The US Navy Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 116 - Sun Kings whose heroic efforts during the Great Stellar War at the end of the 21st century saved the Mars colony from nuclear destruction at great personnel sacrifice. Though this squadron was originally a recon unit, the shift in the military paradigm has resulted in the re-purposing of many squadrons during the early years of the Kilrathi war. This squadron flew Rapier I As right up until the introduction of the Rapier II.