V'rath nar Sikhag

Born the third son of a lesser noble in the lowly Sikhag clan, V'rath is the rare Kilrathi who has clawed his way up the ladder. In V'rath's case, quite literally. Infamous for killing no fewer than five other Kilrathi nobles in honor challenges, V'rath isn't about to let anyone or anything obstruct his quest for fame and glory. His command experience has mostly been in lighter warships, commanding first a Ralari-class Destroyer and then a Destroyer Squadron. In a Terran commander, his brand of reckless bravery might well be considered foolishness, however the Kilrathi who serve under him appreciate his aggressive spirit… even when it subjects them to pointless risk. V'rath has recently been named as second in command of Kilrathi forces in Gemini, due to his reputation for success where other Kilrathi field commanders have been failed. Still, being placed under command of a lowly Sikhag grates on many of those in the Kilrathi forces, and any number of challengers wait in the wings for V'rath to make a mistake.