Anita Briem
Corporal Valdis Aradottir
Name: Valdis Aradottir
Callsign: Kestrel
Rank: Corporal
Branch: TCMC
Unit: 2nd Platoon
Position: Designated Marksman
Age: 20
Homeworld: Earth
Marital Status: single
Actor: Anita Briem



Born in the town of Akureyei, Iceland, Valdis grew up one one of the few parts of Earth that could still truly be called remote. Always in love with nature, she spent much of her childhood outdoors… far more interested in physical pursuits than intellectual ones, despite her small stature. Her performance in school was decidedly average. Sure she likely could have done better if she tried, but… academic matters simply didn't hold her interest. As she grew older, she spent more time away from home. Mountain climbing, kayaking, generally enjoying being out with her friends or even out exploring the wilderness alone. Among her friends, she was always the daredevil… always the first (and sometimes the last!) to take most any risk.

It was, perhaps, this that drew her to enlist in the Confederation Marine Corps. Higher education had little to call her, and the prospect of whole new worlds to explore (and dangers to experience!) was too exciting to pass up. Though initially regarded with skepticism due to her size, she quickly proved to be tougher than she looked… and an astonishingly accurate shot. Basic was certainly no day at the beach, but Valdis passed through without issue. She had just completed advanced infantry sharpshooter training when word of the Kilrathi assault of Gemini was received, and she was promptly posted to the Marine reinforcements for Gemini sector. From there, Valdis was bounced around in the chaos that followed 8th Fleet's arrival. From boarding and capturing a Fralthi at New Constantinople, to garrison duty on Oxford, to service as one of the handful of TCMC reinforcements deployed to Helen, Valdis did a little of everything. With wartime casualties, promotions through the lower enlisted ranks came quickly… and two years into her career, she found herself posted to the TCS Majestic's small contingent of marines as a squad designated marksman.

Prior Deployments



Marine Corps Expert Marksmanship - Laser Pistol
Marine Corps Expert Marksmanship - Laser Rifle



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