Visited, Visiting
Visited, Visiting
Arc: None
Summary: Cole entertains a few visitors in medical, then goes to check on the injured Raine
Date: 2658.254
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Participants: Victoria Kanani Cole Raine

Behold, the Cole! Loitering in medical, and oddly enough, he's barefoot for once. Then, that might have something to do with the line of stitches along the top of his foot. Apparently, exploding broadswords aren't always too kind to their occupants. Still, he's at least not stuck laying in a bed… in fact, he's seated and perhaps a little cranky looking.

Exploding broadswords, stilettos, rapiers, scimitars - all bad. The kitties are supposed to 'splode, not the good guys. Ahem. Tori comes into medbay, intending to visit the poor patients who got creamed during that last mission. Thankfully for her, she got to sit home aboard Majestic and pull rear guard or something. Make sure that Majestic has some fighter power in case of sneak attack - not like that ever happens. As it happens, the first little patient she finds is the broadsword pilot and fearless leader of the bomber squadron, so she heads over that way to see how the heck he's doing. "Afternoon, Voodoo," she greets with a bit of a smile as she arrives. "How're you doing?"

"I'll live" Cole replies with a little shake of his head. "Goddamn embarassing, having a perfect shot lined up on a crippled Ralari… and promptly getting my ass chewed up by a Jalthi instead. But, I suppose it could always be worse"

Tori grins at that. "What? Could happen to anyone, you know," she says, finding a chair and settling in for a quick visit. "Glad you're going to live though. Otherwise how would I get to grumble at you about having to go get my own darn rock?" she says, half teasing, but half serious.

Kanani wanders into the medbay, asks the nurse where they stash their bad pilot patients, and then makes her way over to where Cole is located. Once she arrives there, she gives a nod to Tori, and then glares at Cole, saying in a mock stern tone, "You, need to learn how to dodge."

"Hey, don't blame me for that one" Cole replies to Tori. "We took out everything that popped up to shoot at us, even with a Kilrathi patrol breathing down our necks" Cole explains to her. "If the commander had bothered to ask me about the operation, I'd have told him it was possible there was still more out there. But, I guess if you've got any sense they don't put you in intelligence." The arrival of Kanani to interrupt the proceedings, well… that brings a smile to his face. "Funny part is, Kanani, I was thinking exactly the same thing"

Tori has to laugh at the reply she gets from Cole, it's so very stereotypical. "I'll ask the commander, see what he says," she can't help but comment. Just cause. "So where's my rock then? You promised to bring me one." And she doesn't have it yet, so far as she knows. Well, except the one she collected for herself. For the moment, she sticks with the rock, not getting on the topic of intel officers yet. Kanani gets a smile and a wave. "Well, if it's not one of you two, it's the other?" she teases softly.

"What? You were thinking that you needed to learn how to dodge, too? Bout time you figured that out." Kanani asks with a bit of a grin. "So how're you doing, Victor? Feeling any better today?" She then peers at Tori, and chuckles a bit. "I'll have you know that I've only ever been stuck in here once, and that was just an overnight stay anyways."

"I had it waiting for you in my broadsword" Cole replies with a little shake of his head. "Which means, I'm sorry to say, that it's going to have to be replaced" See, he's got an excuse for that now. That said, his attention turns back along towards Kanani. "And I'm doing alright. Foot still hurts like hell, but they've got me all stitched up and drugged up nicely for it. Figure I'll still be able to fly whenever we go out after that carrier" A moment's pause, then a conspiratorial addition of "Don't tell the doc that"

Uh huh. Oh sure he had it in his broadsword, that's convenient. Tori frowns at Cole, not at all sure she believes him. "Don't worry about it, I'll find my own," she grumbles. "Wouldn't want to put you to any trouble." Then to Kanani she laughs. "Well, you're doing much better than I am so far, since I've been in here a time or two. But I think it's better to not stay, if you can manage it, so good for you. Now if you can teach that old dog how to do the same, that would be even better."

Kanani grins and nods. "Yeah, I'll need to work on that, cause I really don't want to have to see him bail out of another ship again." She adds a glare in Cole's direction and shakes her head. "And I agree! Not that there's anything wrong with the medbay itself, I prefer not having to come here. Especially not as a patient."

"Bad enough I had the Kilrathi shooting me apart, now I get the friendly fire too" Cole replies to Kanani's glare, doing his best attempt at offering her a disarming smile. Perhaps hoping he can keep himself from getting into /too/ much trouble for this little incident.

Too late. Tori just shakes her head, letting Kanani take care of scolding Cole for not dodging. Silly pilot. Okay, yes it's a broadsword, but really. "Hey, at least this friendly fire isn't lethal," Tori replies, still grumbly and not happy with the man. "Though keep it up - maybe it'll get there."

Kanani laughs softly at Cole, and shrugs. "Yeah, right. You know you love it." She replies with a grin. She chuckles a bit at Tori's comment, and adds. "I don't think mine would ever get to the point of being lethal, though. Sadly I like him to much, to make the friendly fire -too- bad."

"Well, at least I know you care" Cole replies to Kanani, shifting a bit where he's seated. Perhaps about to try actually putting that injured foot of his on the floor. After all, he's going to have to get around to something like walking sooner or later, right?

Bah, charm gets that man too far, honestly. Tori wrinkles her nose and then she shrugs. "Alright then, good luck with it," she says neutrally. "And Tsunami, best of luck to you." She manages to cut her words off there, as she gets to her feet. "I think I'll go see if there's anyone else around to visit, and leave you two to your own devices. Nice to chat with you both."

Kanani chuckles and waves at Tori. "See you later then, Captain." She then peers at Cole for a few moments, before asking, "And just what do you think you're doing, anyways?" She grins a bit, and shakes her head.

"Thanks for stopping by, Tori" Cole offers over her way with a little bit of a smile. There's at least no harm in taking things in the best possible light, right? That said, he looks back towards Kanani. "Trying to stand up" Cole replies to her. "If we're going after that carrier sooner rather than later, I'll be damned if I'm going to be sitting in here for it"

Kanani just peers at Cole for a few moments before stating, "What? You think you're going to go out flying when you're still injured?" Nevermind that she did something similar in the last week, she can be a bit hypocritical if she wants to be. "Some people just never learn." She says with a bit of a sigh and a chuckle, shaking her head a bit.

Cole gives a little bit of a nod at Kanani's words. "Yes" Cole replies to her simply, before correcting. "Well, if I have to. I'd rather not, of course, but… well, I'll do what I have to do" Cole explains, pausing for a moment. "The same as you do" Yep, the hypocracy of her statement wasn't lost on him.

Kanani smirks a bit, at that, and shrugs. "Yeah, but even when I'm wounded, I'm still able to avoid getting shot. Even on the ground, and not in a fighter… Though I'd rather never try that out again."

"You and me both" Cole replies. "Though I suppose I picked a pretty good time to finally hit something with that rifle of mine" Cole adds jokingly. He winces as he finally puts some weight on his foot, stopping short of standing just yet.

Kanani nods and gives a little chuckle. "Yeah, better to hit something, when the targets are shooting back, than not, I think." She teases, and gives a little wink. "Now don't go hurting yourself more. Otherwise you won't be able to help out at all when the time comes." She chides with a little giggle, shaking her head at Cole.

"Gotta get moving sooner or later, now's as good a time as any" Cole replies, stopping in that half-raised position before finally standing up fully, grumbling something foul under his breath as he does. "Besides, I've been torn up far worse than this" Cole replies to her, pausing for a moment. "Remember before the battle of Junction…"

Kanani gives Cole a little nod. "Unfortunately, yes I do." She remarks as she watches him stand up. "Doesn't hurt to much to be standing, does it?"

"A bit" Cole replies. "Fortunately, I don't fly with my feet" he adds, smiling and taking a few steps along over towards her. Even if he's still very obviously favoring the one leg. "And I don't remember it all badly, I suppose" Cole explains to her. "Granted, not my finest performance. And certainly not the most comfortable time I've spent in a cockpit" Cole admits. "But, it has certain… sentimental value"

Kanani snickers, and slides an arm around him, as he gets closer. "Yeah, I'm sure it does. And you got through it without getting shot down, so that was a plus." She teases. "Though that might have been cause us Stiletto pilots are so good at shooting the cats ourselves." She adds with a smirk.

Cole smiles and slides an arm back around her, hugging her a little bit closer. "Must be" Cole replies with a little bit of a nod. "So does that mean I can blame you for not getting that Jalthi before it got me?" he jokes.

Kanani shakes her head, and smirks. "No. You'll have to blame Ozone for that, cause I was going after the other one at the time." She remarks as her arm squeezes him a bit.

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a laugh. "Yeah, but… I'm not allowed to get on his case about that sort of thing" Cole explains. "You, on the other hand, have to put up with it" he teases.

Kanani smirks and gives him a nod. "I suppose that's true. And you managed to miss me having to actually act like an officer during that whole thing. Once I'd hit the lead transport with one of the tracking devices, I had to order him off that last Jalthi, and tell him to go shoot his missiles at the 'sports and be useful." She adds with a snicker.

"You? Act like an officer? Clearly I've been a worse influence on you than I thought, Lieutenant Nawahi" Cole teases. "I'll have to make sure to correct that at once, before I really damage your reputation" he teases. He pauses for a moment there and adds. "But, for what it's worth… I'm sorry if I worried you back there"

Kanani shakes her head a bit and smiles at Cole. "Hey, so long as you're going to be alright, that's all that matters, as far as I'm concerned." She pauses for a moment, and then adds, "Though it would be nice if it doesn't happen again. Don't want me worrying myself to much, do you?"

"Believe me, I'm the last person who wants to be in that situation again" Cole replies, smiling and leaning in to try and steal a brief kiss from her lips. These things are important, after all. "Last thing I want is you having to worry over me."

Kanani chuckles softly, and tilts her head up to accept the little kiss from Cole, and then she grins at him. "Well, good. Cause maybe that'll mean there won't be a next time for you being in the medbay." She replies, shaking her head a bit. So what if it's a futile dream to have?

"Well, that certainly would be ideal" Cole agrees with a little grin offered down her way. "No more trips to medical for either of us" he adds a moment later. After all, that little futile dream works both ways.

~~~A Short Time Later

Behold the Cole, having just gotten his morale-boosting Kanani visit for the day, and now hobbling along the medical bay a little bit. Nevermind that he's got stitches in the top of his foot, apparently he really wasn't in the mood to stay bedridden for terribly long.

Poor Cole. Raine herself is looking a bit better. Kinda. Still being fed shakes and drips. But her eyes seem a little brighter, despite the pain killers. Her jaw is the worst injured part though. So kindly, someone has left her pad and pen. She smiles a little, then frowns noticing the hobble. A slight wave, best as she can manage with the drips.

Cole gives a little wave back at Raine, hobbling over in her direction. "Figured I'd see if it's true what they say about misery loving company" Cole explains cheerfully, before he asks in a more serious tone "How're you feeling, doc?"

Raine inclines her head a little towards a chair. She reaches for her paper and pen, scribbling: 'Then people must experience nirvana near me' and a little wink. 'I am better. Jaw took worst of it. But it's alright. Cannot complain.' Morphine does wonders. 'What are you doing here? Are you okay?' Her handwriting isn't as slow, but still not her usual furious physician's scribble.

Cole moves along over towards the chair, dropping into it heavily. "I meant for you, actually" Cole replies with a little chuckle. "Figured you might feel a little better seeing me limp around" he explains. "And I just took a bit of shrapnel in my foot. Had to hit the chicken switch last night, let a Jalthi get behind me and it chewed me up something fierce"

Raine pauses, and smiles realizing it now. 'Oh. I see. No, it makes me sad to see you in here. Pilots are like birds. They want to fly…' She offers. She seems to grasp that instinctive love of flight and freedom. Which brings with it a loathing of captivity. 'That sounds rough. I am glad you came back. I bet Miss Kanani is too. Did they let her out? She was due to go.' Even badly injured, the CMO has to keep /some/ wits about her.

"Yeah, they let her out" Cole replies, giving a little smile. "Only for her to end up coming right back in to look after me" he explains. "And she was equal parts glad to see me safe, and yelling at me for getting shot down in the first place" he admits. "But, I guess she's the one Lieutenant onboard who gets to pull rank on a Major sometimes" he jokes.

Raine smiles a little at that. 'Wife is rank even higher than CO.' She notes, 'If only because a husband can't stand to see her worry.' It's more complex that, 'Or sad.' But Raine does her best to summarize. Talking through writing is not an easy process. 'We're all glad you're okay at least.' Really. 'It's better to come as a visitor at least.' She acknowledges that medbay is not a popular place by choice. But hey. It's her domain, and there's some quiet urge to watch over it.

Cole can't help but give a little laugh. "I'd better destroy that note before Kanani sees it, otherwise she might get ideas" Cole replies with a little grin. "And I'm glad to see that you're getting better. Nothing more worrying than seeing the woman who puts us all back together get hurt"

Raine smiles again, and writes 'Don't worry, this notepad won't last too long. No one's trying to cut my head off and absorb my powers so I still have to pay attention a little.' That is, she still attends to whatever emergency might /require/ her signature. 'From the sound of it, I think she knows already.' Kanani seems to be Clever(TM) in Raine's book. 'And I think that is the surgeons, they are fantastic at jigsaw puzzles. But thank you.' It takes a bit of time though. 'I too am growing to hate the protein shakes…' a dark look at that. 'Even though I know why they are how they are.'

"Well, I'll tell you what. As soon as I can be sure I won't be doing you more harm than good by doing it, I'll smuggle you in something worth eating. Maybe some chocolate or something" Cole replies to Raine with a little smile. "After all, I kinda owe you" he admits. "And I'm pretty sure Kanani knows just how much she can get away with, but… I'd rather not give her an excuse to exercise the priviledge" he jokes.

'Oh ho. Thank you.' Raine looks amused. She probably doesn't know much about the smuggling, or she figures as long as no one goes into shock as a result, it'll be alright. Best not to fight more battles than needed. It's just her style. 'You don't owe me anything. You keep us safe, we duct tape you back together… That's how friends are.' And branches of service! 'I think women are born knowing.' This pointed out. A faint wink.

"If you're born knowing, then I've been doomed from the start haven't I?" Cole asks with a little grin, before shaking his head slightly. "But I suppose there are worse fates" he decides. "And maybe you don't think that, but… I'd do the same for anyone in my squadron. Only seems fair to do the same for you"

'Pretty much. She's a good person though.' Raine just keeps a faint smile. 'And any kind woman wouldn't abuse it.' That is, give and take in a relationship. 'But seeing someone you love injured hurts just as bad as your own injuries I suspect.' She takes a deep breath. Then an amused look. 'I see. Good thing I don't seee it. Some folks here are picky and I have to listen to complaints.' Wink. Rules are rules, and sadly some underlings might complain to Raine. Sigh. 'I appreciate it. Thank you. But be sure to look out for good candy for Kanani too.'

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a laugh at Raine's words. "Oh, absolutely. I wouldn't want her to get the wrong message" Cole replies, before he gives a little bit of a smile. "And I suppose I shouldn't have mentioned it at all to the doctor, hmm?" he adds a moment later. "Too late now, I suppose"

Raine shrugs, she writes out, 'I am no iron hand when it comes to running this. But I am bound by rules set before me. If I do not see it and do not find evidence, I do not have a case. I will not chase people around for it or go after rumors.' In other words, if Raine doesn't /see/ it then and there, she's not too inclined to go after it. 'People can snitch to get one another in trouble and it would be impossible to stop.' She seems fairly accepting. 'Please be mindful of why someone is on a restricted diet, however.' Shock, allergies and crashing out are bad. But … Raine seems willing to let it go for her part.

"Well, of course" Cole replies with a little bit of a smile. "Not trying to get anyone hurt, just trying to give people something better than the crap that comes from the mess hall on occasion" he explains, his smile growing into a little bit of a grin. "And besides, I don't think Kanani would appreciate you chasing me" he teases.

Raine seems relieved by that, somewhat bemused. 'Not all from messhall. Some medicinal type.' Like protein shakes or what have you. She shrugs. 'Not really meant to enjoy. Help heal. And no, I suspect not. I couldn't catch you anyway.' This wry and sincere. Engaged peeps are clearly off Raine's list of datables. She looks tired for a moment. Lots of writing. 'Would not want to find out her skills with a cricket bat anyhow.'

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a laugh. "Do they have cricket in Hawaii?" Cole asks with a little laugh. "I suppose I'll have to add that to the list of questions to ask at some point" Cole replies with a grin and a shake of his head. "Glad to hear you've kept your sense of humor, though"

'Could be," Raine just smiles a little. 'Not from Terra' She replies in writing. 'From Oxford.' Then a slow nod. 'Am lucky. Head injuries unpredictable.' She might be sad or a different Raine altogether if the damage hit in the right spot. 'Am glad your foot is not too bad.'

"And I'm glad you're recovering well" Cole replies, before he adds. "On that note, I'd better slink back to where I'm supposed to be, before one of the doctors gets cranky about my being up and about already" Apparently, Cole is being the bad patient today. "Thanks for the talk, Doc, and I hope you're back on your feet soon"

Raine smiles, and nods. 'Be well. Good night.' She writes, before letting herself wave and sink back. It is tiring to write out so much.