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2nd Lieutenant Sam Walsh
Name: Sam Walsh
Callsign: Ozone
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 221st Fighter Squadron
Position: Pilot
Age: 27
Homeworld: Earth
Marital Status: Single
Actor: None Selected



Sam Walsh is the youngest child of David J. Walsh, atmospheric cargo pilot, and Katherine E. Walsh, surgeon. Sam was born September 10 2631 in the provincial city of New Plymouth, New Zealand, Earth.

He exhibited an interest and natural affinity with technology from a very young age. The rest of his family soon learned to look to him first for misplaced devices, as he was known for dismantling them in a bid to understand how they worked. Another remarkable part of his young life was the almost unbelievable rate at which he learned to read. At first it was assumed that he must just be memorizing material, but when presented with an unknown book, he was able to read it fluently. By the age of 7, he was credited with a high-school-level reading age.

While he exhibited the signs of very high intelligence, his grades for most subjects were poor to average. His teachers found that he lacked motivation and was often late with assignments. His English essays, for instance, worthy of perfect marks, were often penalized severely for missed deadlines. This did not hold true for sciences and technology however; he scored top marks in these subjects. On one occasion he achieved a perfect score in an extra-credit chemistry test intended for students two years his senior.

Sam's disappointing academic performance was not the only troubling aspect of his schooling though. His temper, at times explosive, almost resulted in expulsion on several occasions. On one occasion he broke another student's nose for throwing an empty water bottle at the back of his head in class. The teacher received a black eye while attempting to restrain him. The latter was deemed accidental, however, resulting only in a suspension from school.

Upon graduation from high-school, Sam was faced with the decision of whether to follow in the footsteps of his older siblings and enlist. He ultimately chose to attend university, majoring in Electronics. During his first year, he took the opportunity to take an introductory programming paper. Understanding the fundamentals easily, he elected to extend his degree to a double major - Electronics and Programming. While attending a trade fair during his final year at university, he encountered a recruiter from Douglas Aerospace. Highly impressed, the recruiter offered Sam a position in a new R&D division after graduation. Sam gratefully accepted.

For the next 3 years, Sam worked on a number of projects, contributing to both the hardware and software of Douglas's line of next-generation spacecraft. One on-going project was working with a modified training simulator to model combat and flight characteristics of new spacecraft. As a civilian variant of the simulator, it was not intended to include any of the actual TCSF training modules, but Sam soon discovered that this was not entirely the case. He was able to hack the operating system, allowing the full suite of combat drills to be accessed with a specific sequence of inputs. It became habit for him to "work late", on other projects until left alone, then enter his secret code. Over the course of his employment, Sam would have cumulatively spent hundreds of hours with his clandestine toy, and developed considerable skill for someone untrained.

23 June 2654, Sam was bent over a prototype shield generator on a workbench, running debug diagnostics, when the primary power coil failed, directing a massive charge through his body, sufficient to throw him several feet across the room. Luckily the generator was running off a portable power unit, so was not at full power.

After spending several days in a comatose state, Sam awoke to learn that apart from the immediate cardiac implications, he had also suffered extensive electrical burns, several fractures, and baffled the local medical professionals as to how he survived. He spent the following months in hospital recovering, and underwent surgery to minimize the effects of the burns and to correct nerve damage. It was during this time that he learned that his eldest brother Simon, TCSF Captain, had been killed while on CAP. In a fury, Sam trashed his hospital room. With vengeance on his mind, he resolved to join the Space Force to put his ill-gotten skills to use.

Though some of his instructors were at least moderately suspicious about Sam's aptitudes, he was granted entrance to an accelerated training program, where he was yet again lucky to escape serious consequences for brawling.

And so, armed with a shiny new set of wings, Sam finds himself assigned to the TCS Majestic…

Prior Deployments

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Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

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Other IC Info

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