Walsh E. Coyote
Walsh E. Coyote
Arc: None
Summary: Walsh is inspected for injuries and reflects on the mission after ejecting.
Date: 2659.043
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Participants: Paz Cole Walsh Draygo James Raine

Paz completes her post-flight and emerges from the Port Repair Hangar with a decided spring in her step. whistling happily to herself as she approaches Razor's Sabre.

Cole makes his way back out onto the ready line, helmet and gloves in hand, now that he's finished with the task of putting his Sabre back where it belongs. After all, it's nice not to have to leave his new fighter out for the techs to tear apart after its first mission, at least.

Landing his Sabre down on the Recovery Deck, instead of taxing it into the repair bay, Razor leaves it there and opens up the cargo bay where the ejected pilot was collected. The canopy of the bomber hisses open and Kell jumps out after taking off his flight helmet. "Now that is a sweet ride."

"Have to agree, Razor, these things are nasty" Cole comments with a little grin as he moves over to join the party. "Damn but they guzzle some fuel, though." Or that might be slightly related to the fact he spent most of the engagement on full afterburner.

Paz returns James' wave with a grin as she makes her way over to the Sabre, pausing to inspect it curiously. "Wow…that is nice looking." she comments, nodding her head. "I mean, ya know, for a bus." she adds, frowning a bit. "Ozone! You alive in there?" she calls out.

Walsh stumbles out of the back of the Sabre, looking somewhat dazed. He fumbles with his helmet as he goes, almost tripping over his own feet. "Ugh. Let's not do that again… Yeah… Alive." he replies weakly.

Raine wanders in and looks around. She has likely been called. Behind her an orderly pushes a gurney, just in case. She frowns, looking worried. Her eyebrows furrow. She has a bonsai with her, and the orderly doesn't seem fazed. "Huh …" And her gaze falls on Walsh. "Sir!"

James smiles to Paz and says "Glad to see that you made it home safe Tizona." He then looks towards Walsh "and you as well of course Ozone." He looks towards the approaching group of orderly, CMO, and bonsai and smiles again "Hi doctor how are things going for you?"

"Thanks, damn glad to be here, Cutlass." Paz replies, grinning a bit as Walsh reports in. "For a few seconds there, I wasn't so sure I would." she smirks. "That was the Goddamndest mess of thruster pedal stomping and stick flinging I've ever done." she says proudly before turning her attention back to Walsh. "You look like Wile E. Coyote after his dynamite went wrong." she smirks teasingly.

Managing to separate helm from head, Walsh is quick to bring a hand to his face, rubbing his eyes. Seemingly satisfied, the blinks a few times and looks around gingerly, with plenty of squinting. "Ehh. Feel like it too." he says offhand. Noticing that the doc. is trying to get his attention, he steers in her direction.

On seeing no bodies, burned crisps or what have you, Raine and the orderly look relieved. "I don't think we'll need the gurney, but let me check on our charbroiled friend," She smiles faintly. The orderly nods, backing off unless called for again. She moves towards Walsh, "It … looks like you guys made out well. How did it go? How are you feeling?"

James nods "For a while there it looked like the cats thought your fighter was a catnip box Tizona. I'm glad that you made it home alright." He turns towards the doctor and smiles "It went fine Raine. Two destroyers and several fighters downed and we only lost one but got the pilot home."

"For second there, it almost was!" Paz chuckles throatily. "I swear that Fuzzy ace type was gunning for me personal-like." she sighs. Because the Kilrathi are probably a bit peeved with her blowing up a Baron a few months before. "Damn, it's good to be back!" she grins.

Walsh winces as he tries to focus on the CMO. "Been better, doc. Feels like someone used my head as a battering ram." he says, and rubs the bridge of his nose. "Think the other guy got it worse though." He sheepishly adds, "Gotta feel like a -passive menis- getting taken out like that after Tizona managed to shake off four of them at once!" Oh well. That's what results from overconfidence.

"Let me see it," Raine nods. The orderly stays, hovering nearby. She willl offer her other hand to help the pilot out. "And you're all fantastic pilost I'm sure," She smiles politely, keeping her tree under her other arm. "Sometimes luck is fickle," is all she says on that. "I'm just glad to have you all back." She smiles politely at James.

James nods and says "I'm sorry I let him get away. Believe me I was tempted to chase him through the minefield but a Stilleto really isn't built for that." He looks towards Raine and says "As a group we're probably the best in the fleet."

"Hey, don't start beating yourself up, Ozone." Paz says sharply, but friendly enough. "Ask Raine how many times they've dragged my battered carcass out of a Scimitar's cockpit and spent weeks in the medbay after a bit of derring-do." she smirks. "I'm on her 'frequent flyer' plan." she giggles. "You got hit, dude. It's gonna happen. All you can do is thank God Almighty for surviving it and learn from what you did wrong." she says, shrugging a little.

Walsh sighs. "Was my own damn fault though. Fangs sunk in floorboard. I'll learn eventually, if it doesn't kill me first." He looks to Tizona and gives her an exaggerated shrug. "On the lighter side, congratulations on your shiny new silver shoulder candy, Cutlass!" Try to say that 10x fast. "Oh, and your new jewellery too, Doc!" He says, all smiles. "If they didn't redact the actual awards as well…"

"She is, she'll get a free sandwich soon," Raine replies with a faint smile. SHe does seem to care, in her quiet way. For now, her attention is on Walsh. "As I said, glad we got our little gaggle of pilots back," She nods. She tilts her head and the orderly backs off, likely to take the gurney back. She looks to Walsh and tsks softly. "Thank you," She smiles back. There's a faint sadness too. And a little laugh. "It feels strange," She admits. "It hurts in a way, but in another…" She trails off. "And don't come down too hard on yourself. These things happen. You're a fine pilot," She reassures him. A smile to James. "Half of it is you, half of it is him and there's a lot of luck sprinkled in."

James smiles "Thanks Ozone." He then turns to the doctor and looks a little confused "What hurts Raine?" he then turns to Walsh and says "And you're a fine pilot. Tizona is right everyone gets hit sometimes it just happens. I once brought a bird back with peices of it and me mixed together. Thing was only good for scrap metal after that one."

"Heh, free sandwich? You never mentioned a sandwich, Doc!" Paz protests with a laugh. "But yeah…..it's part of the game." she shrugs lightly. "You get shot up, you spend a couple days reviewing the gun cam footage trying to figure out what you did _wrong_..and most of the time you find out that the Fuzzy Wuzzies were doing something _right_. So you take that and go from there."

"There's sandwiches? That's it. I'm painting my bird bright pink and attaching a homing beacon next time." Walsh chuckles. "And I suppose the tax payers gotta have -something- to put their money towards. Might as well be my dumb arse for once. Gotta hand it to those Sarthas occasionally. Sneaky as all fuck." He rubs his forehead lightly. "On second thoughts, I think I'll avoid the ejection system if at all possible. What a ride that was!"

Raine winks. "Well, I can't tell everyone or I'll have more pilots and Marines than I know what to do with," She admits. "And hah," She smiles at Walsh. "Don't feel too bad. They likely saw you as a big threat and went for it. Be careful though," She frowns. "It doesn't look like your hand is hurt too badly. I would come by for some asprin and lotion - the aloe kind," She nods. She is letting Walsh off the captivity hook for now. "But if it gets worse or you lose feeling, I want you to come in ASAP, okay?" A peer at James. "I was asking Walsh, but you don't hurt do you?"

James nods to the doctor "Oh I thought you meant that something was hurting you Raine. And no I'm fine but I need to get some rest so I'll see everyone later." He begins walking towards one of the lifts.

"Could be some sandwiches left after MIDRATS." Paz muses thoughtfully. "Anyone willing to brave Confed Chow is welcome to join me." she adds, heading for the lift.

"Ah well. There's my excitement for the day." Walsh says, nicely understated. Got what he was wishing for, in some manner at least. "Better make myself scarce before the techs realize they're one Stiletto short…" He starts toward the lift, calling over his shoulder to Raine on his way, "If I have any trouble, I know where to find you."

A faint smile at that. "Wise. Weiss won't take this well. Do come by for that asprin and aloe!" She nods. With that, Raine smiles and waves - off to make her escape too.