WC's Office

One of the few private working spaces aboard the Majestic, this office belongs to the flight wing's commander. The office itself is perhaps a ten by ten foot square room, with a single desk perched in the center. Three mismatched chairs surround the desk, one behind and a pair in front set at a slight angle. Set into one walls is a display board divided into six parts, showing the readiness of each of the fighter wing's six squadrons. There is a small portrait of Winston Churchill perched on the cabinet behind the desk, and atop the desk itself, two small models. One is an old-model carrier, with markings indicating it is TCS Montgomery, and a Scimitar, painted in the colors of the Ugly 89th Fighter Squadron.

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*note this is the old version of this office from when Jenthson (Hunter's character) was WC. It is placed here for posterity viewable via the history feature.