XO's Office

The XO's office is probably not quite what one would expect of a military officer. For one the packing crates that have been turned on their sides and stacked to create shelves are filled with, mainly, science texts. All with very arcane sounding titles relating to Astrophysics, Thermodynamics, and other doctorate level stuff. Below those is a smaller collection of Military and Tactical Doctrine. More crate-shelves line the other walls and hold his medal cases. And rolled up maps. Then there are the strange nicknacks. Most look like they were formed by children's hands and are probably all cups and ashtrays. There is a neat looking desk with a THREE terminals on it and a large mug saying "Universe's Greatest Dad". Framed in the very center of the wall are his awards, of course, and rank and division certificates.. And a number of degrees - four different Bachelors, four different Masters and some space for what may be a coming doctorate. But around all these, the rest of the wall is plastered with photos of kids and adults. A LOT of kids. Almost a dozen different ones in different groupings. And half of them look a lot like the XO when he is in them. The pictures of the adults together, two women and another less built male, look like wedding pictures… with two brides and grooms.

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