Young Movie Night
Young Movie Night
Arc: None
Summary: A few of the previously stranded pilots enjoy some of their 12 hour respite by having a movie night… the movie: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. It's pronounced Frankensteen!
Date: 2659.267
Related Logs: None
Participants: Singh, Phillip, Silence, Kanani

Vidroom: This large room has been made to look like an old-fashioned theatre, which can seat over two hundred people. Steps lead from the top to the bottom of the room allowing people access to the auditorium seating. The seats is small but comfortable, done in a burgundy colored fabric. A large holoscreen sits in front of the seating with curtains each side, designed to further the old-fashioned feel. A stage below is perhaps fifteen feet deep and around twenty five feet wide; to each side are doors leading behind it. Speakers are placed in the wall at even intervals giving the theatre a genuine surround sound experience.

Lt. Bradford is in the vid room, which is fairly empty at the moment thanks to most pilots being either asleep or on patrol. The privileges of an extended hazardous mission state: 12-hour reprieve. Phillip is over at the terminal browsing for movies.

Kanani makes her way into the vid room and heads over to another place to look over possible things to watch. "How's it going?" she asks over to Phillip.

"Huh," Phillip looks up having been rather focused, "oh, just looking for a comedy to watch…. there are literally centuries of films here."

Jamie's been roaming the ship. Like many of the pilots, he doesn't sleep very well all of the time, and he's winding down after a hot shower and is mostly enjoying the fact that he's not sleeping in a borrowed bunk on a destroyer.

Jamie finds his way to the vid room eventually, and waves to the others. 'Sup," he calls over, slumping down on a seat with a thermos of coffee in one hand.

"Makes you kinda wish that at some point all of those choices would've been wiped out, so there was less to choose from, don't it?" Kanani asks with a laugh.

"Heh, well there are only a few movies per year in here." Phillip comments from the terminal, "What the?" Phillip adds, spying a movie with a weird title for a comedy.

Julianna walks into the vidroom, wearing sweats and a majestic cap (the carrier, not the style). She looks around the room.

"Well there's always stuff like Surf Ninjas." Kanani comments with a smirk, "One of my friends back home found out about that and was always saying it was hilariously bad."

"Huh, this movie is weird," Phillip says, "Young Frankenstein… sounds more horror than comedy."

"Wonder if they mean the doctor or the monster with the title." Kanani muses to herself with a snicker.

"Want to try it out?" Phillip asks the trio of pilots in the room.

"Oh, Hi Phil, after that last week, you want horror?" Julianna answers.

Jamie squints at the screen. "I dunno. His hair's pretty funny."

"Also, what do you suppose B/W means?" Phillip asks. "It's one of the tags."

Julianna tries to tuck her hair more into her cap.

Iceblade Alertness Social 15: Great Success

"Big and wide? Back then they were all about as much of the 2d they can get… " Julianna guesses with a forced smile showing her joke.

Jamie glances back at Julianna. "I do remember somethin' about liking big butts and not lying."

Phillip shrugs. "Oh Julianna, you don't need to hide your hair. It looks fine." Phillip says nonchalantly.

Karen Anxiety Social 10: Success

Kanani hmms and says, "Oooh, I took a few movie history classes back in high school… Might mean, black and white? Like the first movies they ever made didn't have color."

Julianna giggles, "Yeah, not trying to impress anyone or nothing."

"WHAT!?!" Iceblade blurts then coughs in response to Kanani. "Well that is really archaic then."

Jamie hmmms. "Could be a style choice. Didn't they do a lot of that in indie movies?"

"Just a guess though. We'd have to see it to find out if I'm right." Kanani says hedging her bets a bit.

Phillip sets the system to play "Young Frankenstein" – a Mel Brooks comedy film.

"I remember the style being that fancy word… " Julianna pauses… "Sepia?" … "Yeah, they had sepia and white films…. SWF."

"Huh," Phillip responds a bit confused.

When the name comes up, Kanani remarks, "Huh weird. I've seen a couple of really old movies with that name attached to it."

"Never figured out how to play them… " Julianna continues.

"I just found someone else who could figure it out." Kanani snickers, "It's called delegation in the command business."

The movie plays for a bit; there is a scene where a guy has his ability to react stopped. Followed by being hit in the nuts. Once his nerve block is removed, he doubles over in extreme pain, “Give him an extra dollar.”

"Is this what people did for courtship back then?" Singh asks.

"A dollar what… for kicking a guy in the nuts." Phillip says.

"I guess the name thing is going to be recuring joke." Phillip says. He has been chuckling at a few of the jokes thus far.

"A dollar?" Singh squints at Philip, while finding a seat on the couch next to Jamie.

"It’s old-world currency, like a single credit." Phillip whispers to Julianna.

Julianna feels somewhat more comfortable hearing the lady snort. "Huh, like the Dols? I guess, maybe they're related. Thanks Phil," She replies.

Sipping from his coffee now and then, Jamie mostly keeps to himself as the movie starts, snickering now and then. Mostly at Wilder's performance. Brooks comedy seems to work for him.

After awhile the movie reaches the train station in Europe.

"EYE-gor? Okay that is kind of funny." Phillip says.

"You gore… yeah" Singh chuckles along. "Hey, you know if anything happened while we were gone?"

"Not much actually. More cats. Secret Transport captured." Phillip whispers back quickly.

Karen Stealth Social 10: Fails

"I know that large technician looked pissed to see us return…" Karen blurts out loudly.

Glancing over toward Julianna, Jamie grins. "Seelig was fine with seein' me. My ship was in one piece."

Iceblade shrugs, "Maybe you should stop hiding from him."

"Mine didn't have a scratch on it… duh… Maybe he just smells angry…" Karen continues.

"Or maybe, he is afraid you'll wish to speak to his supervisor." Phillip says jokingly.

Karen English Social 16: Great Success

"You know… never understood that… " Singh continues "I try taunting a kilrathi once and that just stuck…"

Movie: An attractive woman is seen laying on her back in the hay cart: “Hello! Would you like to have a roll in ze hay?” She then proceeds to literally roll in the hay.

Phillip looks back at the movie, a bit confused. "A roll in the Hay???" Phillip is thoroughly confused with why that phrase is funny and what it means.

"We should try it, looks like fun… oh! Jamie, you grew up on a farm…" Juliana looks at Reynolds "I bet you rolled in hay a lot… when you weren't like doing all the extra work, I mean…"

Jamie's expression darkens slightly when the farm he grew up on is brought up. Enough that he doesn't seem to get the joke. He sips from his coffee. "Probably played in it when I was a kid."

Phillip checks his quine – performing a search for the phrase. Phillip’s eyes widen and he looks at Karen and blurts out laughing.

"WHAT?!" Julianna gets up.

Phillip then goes to show Karen what “Roll in the Hay” means on his quine.

"WHAT?!!?" She blushes. "Sorrysorrysorry…."

Phillip still laughing says, "Hay I didn't know either." Phillip shows Jamie what it means as well.

Jamie glances at it. "Yeah, I knew," he grumps, taking another swallow from his drink. He tries to immerse himself in the movie again, to shake the mood that's suddenly taken him.

Kanani snorts out as the others discuss rolling in the hay, and after the others seem to find out what it means she remarks, "Didn't know you kids were into that stuff." Nevermind, that she's not any older and possibly younger than some of them.

Phillip waves Karen to have a seat and go back to the film… just in time for the Werewolf Therewolf scene.

Frankensteen (questioningly): Werewolf?
Eye-gor (deadpan): There.
Frankensteen: What?
Eye-gor: There wolf. There castle.
Frankensteen: Why are you talking that way?
Eye-gor: I thought you wanted to?
Frankensteen: No, I don’t want to.
Eye-gor: Suite yourself. I’m easy.

Phillip breaks out in laughter at this scene - having already broken into a fully-laughing mood.

Achievement unlocked!
Remember That (Iceblade)
Suit yourself, I'm Easy quotable in memory.

Jamie's two years younger and several rank grades inferior to Tsunami, but that's probably because he got sent here from the ISS while still in training. He squints at Kanani but shifts his attention back at the screen eventually. He eventually starts lightening up again.

The movie continues to the candle scene:

Ooh, poor him… Julianna winces at the pain.

Jamie glances over at Julianna. "You gotta start learning to enjoy human suffering!"

Phillip laughs during the candle scene… then the girl says "PUT … THE CANDLE … BACK" Full … Loud … Laughter

Julianna covers her eyes, not wanting to see the girl get smooshed by the bookcase, too. "Oh.. heheh false alert."

"Humor is getting hit with the unexpected but it isn't a threat." Phillip says.


"OH no… not Eyegor." Phillip says…. then laughter spews out as Eye-gor starts singing.

"Yeah, Mittens showed me some Kilrathi humour back in Rygannon… It started like this. Say, you see the big guy?" Julianna says, calming herself.

Jamie thinks about what the punchline to a Kilrathi joke might be. "Hm… yes. Let's kill him?"

"He showed you that video too?" Julianna asks.

Jamie just shakes his head. "Not yet. Haven't seen the big guy since I got back." Jamie just laughs whenever the horse whinnies at her name.

Julianna stands up. "I know what this needs… snacks"

"Yes, Good Idea." Iceblade gets up to pause the movie.

Julianna scampers off to the mess hall.

Phillip heads off to the mess hall after her.

Phillip sees Julianna holding a tray and standing on her tippy toes trying to reach the second to top shelf…

Watching everyone else leave, the blond calls out, "I'll take… eh, whatever's left." The Majestic hasn't resupplied luxury goods recently, after all.

"What are you trying to get?" Phillip asks as he reaches up.

Karen has condiments, and a bag of "pop corn" (reconstituted from cornmeal) Tofu dogs and 4 bottles of lynch cola. She turns around and sees Phillip and jumps slightly. "Hi, startled me there."

"Need help?" Phillip offers.

"Sure, thing, this is what I found, could you get some glasses and dishes, I'll leave you the condiments… Only found pineapple, mayo and Harissa." Julianna responds.

Phillip does so.

The Majestic is rationing the beverages. Mostly lynch remains.

"So… er… " Karen starts.

Karen Social Social 15: Great Success

Karen then asks, "You think I should take the other job? Phil?"

"What job?" Phillip asks, thinking really hard to figure out what she is referring to.

"Taylor told me I should transfer out… You may not have heard it, being showered with praise…" She pauses. "I don't see how my record won't speak for itself."

"Oh well, others must be waiting." Julianna inhales and forces a smile.

Karen turns around and returns with the food. "Ok, got some veggie dogs and some popcorn."

Phillip thinks for a second and follows her back to the vid room.

Jamie clicks the video back on once everyone's settled. "So that's what we've got left in the stores, huh? We should sue the military for abuse, or somethin'…"

Julianna sits with the tray on the end table in front of the two couches.

Iceblade sets down the other materials and begins to prepare himself a snack from it.

"Phil, no!!!" Julianna says as he reaches for a pop bottle.

Phillip will even eat the tofu dogs cause it tastes fine enough even when eaten with good friends and a good movie.

Karen points at the bottle with a loose label.

"Huh?" Ice asks.

The yellow lynch label is loosely fitted over a red label on that bottle.

Iceblade reads the red label.

Label reads: Coca Cola.

"MINE!" Iceblade blurts… not being serious.

Jamie nods in agreement. "For sure. All yours."

Julianna puts Mayo and crushed pineapple on her dog…

"SOmeone's been hording the good stuff apparently. I approve of someone else getting ahold of it as punishment." Kanani remarks with a snicker at Ice's outburst.

Julianna smiles "Uhoh, someone soon to be in `major` trouble." She bobs in her chair, proud of that line.

Iceblade settles back into his seat with his snack, extra napkins - want to avoid a confrontation with Seelig over the condition of the vidroom.

Jamie eats his with some pineapple. He scoots back and crosses his legs on the couch, settling his back into the cushions while he watches the movie keep on playing.

The movie continues…. it’s not long before Frankenstein decides to actually build the monster.

"Quine: What's a schwanstücker?" Karen whispers to her quine.

The quine doesn't know…. though it does make a few guesses.

Movie Eyegor: "He's going to be very popular."

"Schwanz is tail and Stuck is part… But he doesn't have a tail… did they add some pony to him?" Singh looks even more bemused beginning to drink the lynch.

Iceblade smiles thinking he knows what it means. He whispers the answer to Karen…. using as scientific of a word as he can muster: Phallus.

"What what… Oh my!" Karen blushes…. "Should we invite Ona for this then?"

Phillip chuckles as Karen blushes. "Yes, we should… though not Clearoff, she would probably make some very crude comments."

Jamie just snickers under his breath when Julianna gets all blushy.

Smirking a bit, Kanani just shakes her head at the embarrassment Karen's going through.

Eye-gor: "It could be worse"
FS: "How"
Eye-gor: "It could be raining."

Phillip chuckles as the storm blows in.

"Boy, I'd love to see rain again," Jamie mumbles.

"I don't get it… I miss rain so much…. Hell, I'm probably taking my time off in ND after this tour." Julianna seems outraged at how spoiled they are.

"There are other worlds with rain… less polluted rain." Phillip comments.

"Acid rain doesn't count, yeah." Jamie responds.

"Gotta realize they lived on Earth their whole life. Back then rain'd be more of an annoyance for people." Kanani remarks.

"Jamie, ever been out of the sector? I hear Hurricane in Port Headland has the most extraordinary showers… Great waves too," Julianna darts a look at Kanani

Jamie shakes his head at the woman next to him. "No, I mean… not till I joined the Majestic. Never left the Troy system, till then."

Julianna smiles and remembers. "There's a whole galaxy out there, most folk are kind and good, many of them are strange though."

"I mean… I'll take sunshine and warm beaches over rain anyday, myself. Or maybe some time at Pe'ahi hitting the big breakers." Kanani remarks with a chuckle.

Movie: "Before we go around killing people…. we BETTER MAKE SURE we have our evidence."

Karen grimaces.

Phillip hmms, "How to talk to an angry mob, funny."

Phillip continues to watch the movie. Iceblade makes a yummy sound after taking a long sip from his coke…. this is in response to the yummy sound scene.

"Reminds me of those Menesch speeches… " Julianna frowns. "Shouldn't talk, officers don't judge politicians… I know…"

Eye-gor: "Sed-a Sed-a… give him a SedAGIve!

Iceblade bursts out laughing.

"Black forest cake… I miss my Nonna." Julianna remember her doting grandma making her cake.

Jamie snickers at the screen.

Eye-gor: "Abby Someone…. an Abbynormal.”

"Say… doesn't that sound like a certain minuteman? When he's hungry…" Julianna looks up to the trio?

"Mittens?" Phillip asks.

Julianna responds, "Talon… but I guess Mittens too."

"I'm wondering, if we trace back our names… Bradford… that's English, right… Reynolds is English… Nawahi… where is that from?" Julianna asks.

"Yeah," Phillip responds, not sure where this is going.

The movie continues on through the more humdrum scenes.

"Japan." Kanani remarks to Julianna after a moment, "There's a fair number of people with Japanese ancestry on Hawaii. Especially among those who also have native blood too."

Jamie nods a few times. "Think we were from somewhere in England, long time ago… family is… was, on Helen, since the colony was founded, though." Once again, the talk of family has him looking slightly grumpy, but he works his way out of it soon enough by watching the movie.

"I'm from New Alabama on Mars, myself." Phillip adds. Iceblade then decides to fist bump Kanani for being a fellow Sol-System-ite: "Sol System"

Kanani snickers a bit as she fist-bump's Phillip.

"Wow didn't know you were a Martian. I'm from Titan, we're practically neighbours… until the orbits keep mars and saturn appart… but then I guess we're triangular neighbours with earth too, not earth2 in proxi, obviously am I rambling, movie." Karen tries to make herself smaller in the couch.

Phillip smiles and fist bumps Karen.

Karen reciprocates, happy to be part of a ritual.

Iceblade then fist bumps Silence, "Minutemen." Not wanting Silence to fill left out.

"Say Julianna, what did your parents do?" Phillip asks.

"My dad is very important, my mom keeps saying that. He's a mining director back home. My mom worked for the company too, 'Atlas mining'" she says with a boysterous voice. She looks away slightly. "My grandparents brought me up too… The are retired. Did I show you my Dādī and Nonna pictures?" She flips through her quine and finds them. They look normal.

"Oh, what do they mine?" Iceblade asks.

"Titanium Dioxide and irridium mostly, my dad hated it… he was trying to find a new alloy to replace plastisteel, he was in charge of overseeing the reclamations… Spent a lot of my best time with him in the (saturn's) rings, he let me pilot since I was young, so he could collect samples… never found what he wanted though." Karen responds.

Jamie listens in, after fist-bumping Phillip back. He pushes up to his feet, and heads over toward where a coffee maker's seated on a table next to a Confed-green bulkhead. He pours a fresh thermos.

"It does sound lovely," Phillip comments at Julianna's description…. "the rings."

Julianna continues, "A lot of folk don't appreciate the free rocks in space, they are all individual, all have a story, and there's something to be said about flying over the shadow of a planet to see the whole field glimmering in the sun. You ever wonder why I jump on roid patrols whenever I can? That's my comfort zone. Coming back to rain, I only saw it for the first time when I was 18, I panicked, I thought that there was an accident and all my friends laughed."

Phillip smiles at Karen and stifles a laugh, "That is actually really cute."

Jamie listens to Julianna as he heads back over to sit next to her. "Mmh. That's…. pretty neat. I haven't been qualified to fly solo for long, an' it's been ages since I did some joyriding. Last time was in training, in a Scimitar," he chuckles.

"Are you volunteering for a patrol mission, 2nd Lt?" Phillip asks teasingly.

"Hey, I like patrol missions." Jamie responds.

"I'll take a 3 pointer or an escort any day of the week," Julianna adds.

"I think the last time I went joyriding was in the Academy." Kanani remarks chuckling a bit.

"Then its settled, I'll request we take the Scimitars out for our next patrol mission," Iceblade says.

"Last time I went for a joy ride was … about a year ago, I was told to go on a flight to test a talon's new FCS. They told me to fly and I quote "over there" and don't come back for six hours. That was on the TCS Milton in Sherwood. Lotta fun rocks in Farriss." Julianna says.


Jamie snorts. "Scimitars? Hell no. Not when I've got Rapier ten out there waiting for me."

The crew continues to sort of watch the movie to its end… then they get to the ending pair of bedroom scenes.

Julianna takes notes.

"Scimitars are fine hardware!" Julianna protests.

Movie: "But what did you ever get from him?"

"Dang this movie has a lot of innuendo in it." Phillip comments.

Snickering Kanani remarks, at Jamie's comment, "Man, I remember when the Minutemen first got those Rapiers. For a few weeks Tizona was always complaining about getting hit in fights and taking too much damage."

"Yeah, those Scimitars sure were sturdy." Phillip notes.

Glancing back at Julianna, the young man chuckles. "You fly a Stiletto. I can't believe you'd be able to step back into a Scimitar. Bet you're lookin' at things with rose colored glasses. They were so damned slow to maneuver." He shrugs at Kanani, next. "Maybe. Good shields, though, and it turns so hard… when I first got here, and Taylor first started us trainin', I almost blacked out a few times because I wasn't expecting the G forces."

"Thing is, I always felt the scimitar was poorly used… it's not a general purpose fighter, just like the rapier, the scimitar shines at defense. The rapier is an interceptor." Julianna replies to Jamie, "The scimitar is a thinking ship, you can't jank out of trouble, you think about where you want to go and you deliberately outsmart your opponent. I've enjoyed many hours in a scim, and a scim sim."

Phillip touches the little object around his neck under his attire.

Julianna gets a thoughtful nod from Jamie. "Yeah…. fair point. Those mass drivers are good when somethin' heavy's flying right at you. Like a bomber."

Kanani adds, "I dunno that I'd call the Rapier an interceptor. That's the Stilleto's strong point. It's more of a space superiority fighter I'd say."

"All my 'combat' in a scim was in a sim though, I flew over 300 h of asteroid patrols and contraband scanning, I don't think it'll hold up for big fleet ops. Also… scout, pure scout." Julianna changes topics looking at Kanani.

"So, is that a yay or nay, Jules?" Phillip asks.

"I'd fly them." Julianna shrugs.

"So, Two Scims, One Stiletto, One Rapier. Gotit" Iceblade says.

"Assuming all things equal, what would you fly? for fun, I mean" Julianna shoots back

"I prefer a Rapier, but I wouldn't mind flying a Scimitar on occasion." Phillip replies.

Jamie considers. "If I didn't have to worry about killin' cats? I'd fly anything and everything."

Julianna points at her other two friends.

"Hmmm…." Kanani muses thoughtfully. "Well once when I was a kid, there were a couple of ones that I saw that I bet would be pretty wild to fly… if they were still capable of it…" she frowns as she tries to remember them and adds, "Think one was called the P-51 mustang… and the other was an F-4 Corsair. Had weird, curved wings like a bird."

Julianna smiles at the answers. "Well, I think we have some patrols soon, I'm gonna get some shuteye." She picks up the tray with the empties and half empty condiments to return them to the reclamation and fridge.

"Yeah, most of our 12 hours is to sleep well, not play around." Phillip comments as he stands up and stretches.

"You guys rest well. Some of us still have a bit of paperwork to take care of." Kanani remarks with a snicker, as she starts to head out of the room.

"That movie was strange, but nice… Next time how about a historical flick I found in the databanks… it's directed by Chris Roberts," Karen asks, just outside of throwing range.

Jamie rests his chin on a palm. "Those are airplanes, right? Huh," he mentions, waving to Kanani when she heads out. "Guess she pays for the extra credits with extra paperwork."

"Night guys and gals," Iceblade says as he helps clean up and heads to bed.