Cote de Pablo
Captain Nina Espinosa
Name: Nina Espinosa
Callsign: Zorro
Rank: Captain
Branch: Branch of Service
Unit: 1087th Fighter Squadron
Position: Executive Officer
Age: 30
Homeworld: Homeworld
Marital Status: Married
Actor: Cote de Pablo



From the Foshko Quadrant, Zorro is the second child of three in a middle-class events planning family; at high school, she was captain of her cheerleading team, getting them to a runner’s up place in the planetary finals.

While she can plan events moderately well, this was a career that didn’t really interest her and after leaving a middle-ranking college, she joined the Perseus Defence Force as a fighter pilot, gaining her commission. She was then tapped for the TCSF based on her strong performance against a Kilrathi raid against Perseus in 2653.

She was present at the destruction of Goddard the following year, being part of the group sent to hunt the Kilrathi forces responsible. She also was on TCS U Thant during Operation Crusade in Firekka, gaining her promotion to Captain. Since then, things have been fairly quiet.

Prior Deployments

Persus, Goddard, Firekka


Bronze Star, 2653
Four letters of commendation from Persus Defence Force
Party Planner of the Year Year, 2651
Alpha Mu Gamma Sorority Miss Swimsuit 2650


Has TPed three admiral's houses.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

+++Note from Colonel Adrienne Winter, TCS U Thant

Mrs. Espinosa is a highly capable fighter pilot, with an excellent knowledge of the tactical situation and a courageous leader. However, one really needs to keep an eye on her during any shore leave and not let her near cherry vodka.

Other IC Info

When not in uniform, she can usually be found in a short dress showing off some rather elegant legs.